Bearing in mind the original mission and improving the ability to win --- Chairman Xi Jinpings important speech on visiting a base of the Air Force aroused strong repercussions in the PLA and the Armed Police Force

 Bearing in mind the original mission and improving the ability to win --- Chairman Xi Jinpings important speech on visiting a base of the Air Force aroused strong repercussions in the PLA and the Armed Police Force

President Xis important speech aroused strong repercussions in the PLA and the armed police forces. Officials and soldiers have expressed that they should always bear in mind President Xis earnest instructions, carry forward tradition and maintain their true qualities, turn deep concern into practical action of training and preparing for war, concentrate on doing business, accomplish the mission and tasks entrusted by the Party and the people, and present excellent achievements for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

It is our supreme honor to be able to connect with Chairman Xis videos. Li Jun, the instructor of a radar station in the Air Force, said.

On the 22nd, President Xi inspected the army through video, asked the officers and soldiers of radar stations about their work and life, encouraged them to carry forward tradition, maintain their true qualities, exercise their hard qualities, and perform their duties faithfully and conscientiously. That evening, the Radar Station held a meeting of the Party Group with the deep encouragement of Chairman Xi to launch a heated discussion. Looking back at the beginning and looking forward to the future, the officers and soldiers have expressed that they should continue to make great efforts to build a first-class company and guard the blue sky of the motherland.

The officers and soldiers of a brigade Heroes Camp of the Air Force in the central theatre, who are intensely preparing for the all-factor emergency mobile combat drill, learned from Chairman Xis important speech on the battlefield. Camp instructor Ma Xiaodong said that as a hero heir, we must consciously inherit the red gene, according to the leaders instructions, firm confidence, really grasp the solid work, and develop a real skill to control the enemy.

Air Force Harbin Flight Academy organizes pilots to travel thousands of miles to the old site of Northeast Old Air School to carry out root-seeking trip education activities, and to realize the original mission of the older generation of Air Force personnel at the take-off site of the Peoples Air Force. Chairman Xis important speech inspired us greatly. As an air force pilot, we must bear in mind the Chairmans instructions, never forget the first intention of flying and never get lost in flying for thousands of miles. The pilot Ye Yuwang said.

Make sure you win when something happens.

Iron wings whirled, smoke filled, and a helicopter flew over the treetops to the mission airspace in an unknown area of the plateau, launching battlefield search and rescue training. This is a practical measure for officers and soldiers of a transport search and rescue regiment of the Air Force to turn Chairman Xis cordial care into their ability to win hard.

As the earliest and only army to carry out aerial seeding afforestation mission, the regiment has been sowing green in the desert Gobi in the West for more than 30 years. Ren Yongjun, the head of the regiment, said, Chairman Xis ardent commitment is an inexhaustible driving force for us to forge ahead. We should not only play an important role in ecological construction, but also focus on the future battlefield, and train the search and rescue ability of global mobility, precision and efficiency.

The officers and soldiers of a missile brigade technical battalion of a rocket army who are carrying out a new type of missile test mission are deeply studying and appreciating the important speech of the Chairman in the Underground Dragon Palace. The Rocket Armys 100 Good Team Leaders and Pacesetters and the first-class sergeant Chang Yang Jun said, The Leadersearnest advice is both inspiration and spur. We should strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, practise our hard skills, shoulder the heavy task of strengthening the army, and improve the core ability of the army to fight, launch on time and effectively damage at any time.

Zhengzhou warship, a destroyer detachment of the navy in the eastern theatre, which is carrying out combat readiness patrols in a certain area of the East China Sea, organized officers and soldiers to listen to President Xis important speech at sea. Wei Huixiao, Chinas First Female Intern captain, said: Chairman Xis important speech is extremely proud and exciting, and a strong sense of mission and responsibility has come to mind. As a fist team stationed in the East China Sea, we should pay great attention to training under complex environment and extreme conditions to improve the actual combat level of military training, as instructed by Chairman Xi.

Focus on Starting a Business

To care about grass-roots officers and soldiers is to care about the combat effectiveness of the army; to care about grass-roots officers and soldiers is to care about strengthening the army and revitalizing the army. Zhang Zhendong, the brigade commissar of Wang Jieban, the 71st Group Army, said Chairman Xis important speech fully embodied the feelings of the grass-roots level and officers and soldiers. As a front-line soldier, we should resolutely implement Chairman Xis instructions and requirements, do a good job in Regular Ideological Work and regular management, adhere to the combination of strict management and love, and work hard to lead the army. Lead troops to enhance cohesion and combat effectiveness.

The airborne soldier of a brigade on the way of maneuvering transit used the car radio and television, mobile phone client and Wechat public number to convey and study President Xis important speech at the first time, and organized discussions and exchanges around how to strengthen the education and management of the army under the condition of dynamic decentralization. Zhou Wenzhi, a battalion instructor, said that since this year, the number of troops has been wide and highly dispersed. The reason why the troops can successfully accomplish various tasks is inseparable from adhering to the strict management of the army according to law and paying close attention to the daily management of the army. They will take this as an opportunity to continuously explore a new mode of Army Management under the condition of dynamic decentralization to ensure the energy of officers and soldiers. Focus on training and preparing for battle.

Li Yufeng, captain of a special battle brigade of the Heilongjiang Provincial Armed Police Corps, who has just received the certificate of the most beautiful revolutionary soldier of the new era, is leading the troops in fast reflex strike training. After learning Chairman Xus important speech, he said: As the leading force of the special forces of the Frontier Command, standing on the front line of anti-terrorism in the most eastern part of the motherland, we should take the wordYanas the first core requirement of the army management training, strictly discipline and training, and contribute to the security of peoples lives and property and social stability. (Participated in the collection: Yang Jin, Liu Haiyang, Gan Huan, Zhang Yuanzhi, Duan Kaishan, Fang Sihang, Malongfei, Wang Jinliang)