Sister Huas new colleague reported to him the most popular Wolf of War diplomat on Twitter.

 Sister Huas new colleague reported to him the most popular Wolf of War diplomat on Twitter.

This weekend, careful Netizens found that the update of the column Organizations on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that Zhao Lijian, a deputy director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had been added.

Zhao Lijian may not be as famous as Sister Hua at home. He is a prominent Chinese diplomat abroad. Even foreign media compare him with President Trump of the United States. As the first Chinese diplomats to open personal accounts on Twitter, Zhao Lijian has more than 200,000 fans on Twitter.

Since its launch in 2010, Zhao Lijian has launched 51,000 Twitters. Haijie helped him figure out an average of 15 OMGs per day. Especially in the past four years, Zhao Lijian, who has been working in the Pakistani Embassy, has become a net red man with continuous tweets. The curse, the curse, the rumor and the positive energy can make foreign netizens shout over addiction!

Hand-torn Rice became famous in World War I

Many people have heard about Zhao Lijian, probably from his Twitter confrontation with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, last month.

The original story is this: on July 13, Zhao Lijian responded to 37 countriessupport for Chinas governance in Xinjiang by tweeting, criticizing 22 western countries tarnishing of Chinas policies in Xinjiang.

Zhao Lijian also pointed out that white people in Washington, D.C. never go to the southeast because it is a black, Hispanic region.

This article aroused a fierce response from former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice (not former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice), who tweeted Zhao Lijian, You are a shameful racist and astonishingly ignorant. She also asked Cui Tiankai, Chinas ambassador to the United States, to send Zhao Lijian home.

Interestingly, Rices information is so backward. Haijie checked, Zhao Lijian is the Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. It is reported that the rank of Minister Counsellor is second only to that of Ambassador and higher than that of general Counsellor. That is to say, Zhao Lijian is the second person in the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.

Zhao Lijian tweeted on July 15, calling Rice shameful and ignorant. His permanent residence in Islamabad, Pakistan, is not part of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, but only lived in Washington 10 years ago. He also said it was disgraceful and disgusting for Rice to denigrate her disagreement as racial discrimination.

Although Zhao Lijian has since deleted his controversial Twitter, the scolding battle has triggered a worldwide crowd. For example, the British BBC calls Chinas diplomacy increasingly wolfish, lists other examples of Chinese diplomats criticizing Western governments or politicians for provoking China in public opinion, and points out that Chinese diplomatslanguage style is more direct and tough.

Actively attack four or two sets of kilograms

Haijie found that more and more Chinese diplomats are facing foreign media directly and taking the initiative to fight against the international defamation and Misreading of Chinas voice. Zhao Lijian is one of the top Twitter players. Do you remember the famous Apple Cut Like Huawei picture on the Internet? What makes this picture known to the whole world is Zhao Lijian. On May 21 this year, Zhao Lijian posted a picture of sliced apples on Twitter. He joked: Breakfast news: Trump hates a Chinese private enterprise so much. Look at Huaweis logo. It cuts the apple into pieces...

The joke immediately caught the attention of Bloomberg News Agency of the United States, saying that a Chinese diplomat was somewhat humorous when defending Huawei.

Earlier in the day, Zhao also forwarded a video saying, I bet Huawei will soon beat Apple because Trump put the best free advertising on it. He declared a state of emergency across the country and banned Huawei from participating in the U.S. technology network. Why? Lets see how Huawei embarrasses Apple.

In Haijies opinion, Zhao Lijians sense of humour has the effect of four or two sets of kilograms at the critical moment of Sino-US trade frictions. Moreover, Zhao Lijians real-time Twitter is sometimes more communicative and appealing than ordinary official reports. On November 23, 2018, the Chinese Consulate-General in Karachi, Pakistan, was attacked by armed men. Two Pakistani police officers died bravely when they exchanged fire with terrorists. To this end, the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, business representatives and foreign students donated money to the families of the deceased policemen.

Zhao Lijian posted the story on Twitter on November 25, writing: China and Pakistan are iron brothers. This is the friendship between the people. In addition to government awards, the Chinese volunteered to donate money to the families of two policemen and a security guard who sacrificed to protect the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi.

The incident has attracted the attention of the Pakistani News International website. The report quotes Zhao Lijians Twitter as saying that although the Pakistani police sacrificed their lives to save the Chinese staff of the Karachi Consulate General, the Chinese people have not forgotten the sacrifices and losses of their Pakistani friends. What the Chinese people have done since the attack on the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi is the best testimony to the friendship between China and Pakistan, and more praises the friendship between China and Pakistan is higher than that of the Himalayas. Anti-rumour Expert for Maintaining Chinas Image

Zhao Lijians Twitter influence has also played a key role in refuting rumors for China for the first time in recent years. In 2016, Zhao Lijian and Pakistani Dawn newspaper reporter Almeida launched a debate on the China-Pakistan economic corridor on Twitter. There are rumors that China uses prisoners as labor to save money on the economic corridor between China and Pakistan. Zhao Li insists that this is ridiculous and that senior journalists believe such rumors. Are they crazy? Almeida responded on Twitter: There is no denying that there are unfortunate madmen here, but this is certainly not a rational (or diplomatic) response. Zhao Lijian replies, Are they rational (diplomatic) enough to rumor that Chinese prisoners are used in the China-Pakistan economic corridor? For those people, I have only one word: absurdity. On Twitter, he also refuted allegations of corruption in the China-Pakistan economic corridor: Send them a Chinese proverb: Spend a gentlemans belly with a petty heart. Dawn newspaper commented on the controversy at that time that the Chinese Embassy was famous for its quiet diplomacy. Now, senior officials of the embassy have launched a rare response. On December 31, 2018, Rabia Azhar, a woman on Twitter, announced that a Muslim in Xinjiang, China, had been beaten by the police simply because he was copying the Koran. She also accompanied a video in which a man was beaten by a man in camouflage clothes and a man in a dark uniform and a white helmet stood watching. In this regard, Zhao Lijian posted two clarifications on January 3. He first said that the people in the video were not Chinese at all, nor were they dressed in the clothes of Chinese law enforcement officers. There was no East Turkistan in China at all. Only terrorists and their sympathizers would describe Xinjiang as the so-called East Turkistan.

Later, with the help of a Russian satellite news agency reporter, Zhao Lijian again sent an article clarifying that the video content actually took place in Indonesia in May 2017. It was Indonesian law enforcement officers who were teaching a local gangster. Zhao Lijian also appealed to everyone to check before forwarding, Are you all fooled by this lady? Think twice before you act. Subsequently, many people flocked to the comment area of rumor-making posts to help refute rumors on their own initiative.

Will he be the most competent spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

On August 8, Zhao Lijian tweeted that his four-year work at the Embassy in Pakistan was coming to an end. I was in a heavy mood because Pakistan had stolen my heart. On August 10, Zhao Lijian sent out his last Twitter in Pakistan, saying that he would return to Twitter after the dust settled in the transition. Unlike Sister Huas elegance and frankness, will Zhao Lijian, the Twitter Red Man become the most demanding spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry? Lets wait and see!

Source: Xinmin Evening News Responsible Editor: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675