5G mobile phone ushered in the first batch of listing tide and the future commercial space is available

 5G mobile phone ushered in the first batch of listing tide and the future commercial space is available

However, these 5G mobile phones with an average price of about 6000 yuan are not cheap for consumers. This has also become one of the barriers for consumers to use 5G network services.

A reporter from China Business Daily visited Sanlitun Business Hall of China Mobile in 5G mobile phone experience area and found that there is no formal commercial package for 5G mobile phone at present. Taking Huawei Mate20X (5G) mobile phone as an example, the reporter test shows that the download rate of the mobile phone in the business hall can reach more than 900 Mbps, and the upload rate is about 60 Mbps, which achieves a great breakthrough in speed compared with 4G. But the above mobile phone needs several seconds of buffer time when it is dragged and played immediately by using 4K video progress bar.

Some users told our reporter that the application of 5G mobile phone is in the initial stage of experience in terms of fees, coverage of network slips and basic technology construction, but they have high expectations for the future.

The operation of 5G must have a transitional period. Compared with 3G, the technology of 3G is popularized in China only after the operation is very mature abroad, but 5G including its core SA (independent networking mode) technology, China is the first to launch in the global scope, and needs a mature period. Telecom analyst Fu Liang said so.

Transition to 5G Independent Networking

In fact, about the basic technology of 5G mobile phones, rumors about the true and false 5G have been circulating in the workshop.

Reporters asked the three major operators accordingly, of which China Unicom did not respond positively to this information, but the official information said that there is no true or false 5G.

Fu Liang told reporters, One of the core technologies of 5G is SA technology, but it is unlikely to achieve SA technology in the short term. Because SA technical standards have not yet been released, it is expected that next year or later the time standard will come out. The current 5G and 5G mobile phones are just transitional products in the transitional period. But what operators do is the work of NSA. Some devices, such as base stations, can still be used on SA. When SA is immature, it can also be used on behalf of NSA. So 5G mobile phone users can enjoy 5G high-speed download rate and upload speed in the coverage area.

It is worth noting that NSA will not automatically transform into SA. When the transition period is over, the first batch of users who buy 5G mobile phones will have to replace their devices.

In addition, in terms of coverage, the reporter learned that China Unicom has been able to show 5G coverage through its own research and development of APP. By inquiring about the APP, the reporter found that China Unicoms 5G coverage in Beijing is mainly concentrated in the eastern and central regions, while other regions have relatively few coverage points.

Benefit considerations behind packages

For operator services, the reporter visited the business hall of China Mobile in Beijing Information Road and found that China Mobile did not launch the corresponding tariff rules and package flow in 5G.

Similarly, the reporter consulted the customer service of China Telecom and China Unicom by telephone, and they said that they had not officially launched the corresponding packages matching 5G, but the three major operators said that they would provide 100GB 5G free experience packages for customers at present, which would expire at the end of September.

The current situation is that the three major operators in 5G have changed the situation of price war in the past, and the steps of launching and the upcoming pricing system are almost in line with the unprecedented.

Our reporter learned that telecom operators will launch corresponding 5G packages in September.

In response to the upcoming package, at China Unicoms mid-term performance conference in 2019, Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, said that China Unicoms 5G promotion will be carried out in two stages. The first stage is the transition period. From now on to November 22 this year, the main way is to increase the function packages. The minimum cost of the package is 190 yuan per month. In the long run, China Unicom will seek to differentiate pricing according to the quality and speed of users.

Reporters also learned that China Telecoms 5G package prices have been basically determined, and are expected to range from 199 to 599 yuan. Although China Mobile has not responded to the issue of 5G formal package fee, the industry believes that considering the high pace of the three major operators in the 5G construction and commercial process, the price level of China Mobile 5G package should also be in this section.

For the unprecedented unanimous hugging behavior of the three major operators, an industry insider who did not want to be named told reporters that at the beginning of 5G, telecom operators will adopt the hugging mode, and it is unlikely that a price war will be launched within the industry.

On the one hand, the operators are having a tough time. As far as China Mobile is concerned, its performance has been declining for two consecutive quarters, 5G has to invest heavily and fall into price war prematurely without motivation. On the other hand, the initial industry is still cultivating the market, mainly for middle and high-end users, who have low price sensitivity. But by the 5G boom, there will be different packages.

As for pricing, reporters also found that the lowest price of 5G is 190 yuan per month, which is much more expensive than that of 4G. Referring to the official website of China Telecom Online Business Office, the reporter found that the current Telecom 20GB/40GB Visionary Package includes two kinds of package fees of 99 yuan and 199 yuan, which is enough to meet usersdemand for traffic and telephone.

Accordingly, our reporter was explained that 5G applications are industrial-level, and may be more inclined to enterprise-level users in the vertical field. For general users, the fee may be high, but for enterprises, such fees are relatively cost-effective.

The above insiders also told reporters that, in fact, the operators tariff pricing also comes from its own operating pressure.

The cost and return of operatorsinvestment in the 4G era has also become one of the factors that enterprises need to consider when building 5G.

In the era of 3G, we are following the international technical standards. But in the 5G era, our technology is leading the world. Under the current international situation of frequent trade frictions, China is forced to speed up the introduction of 5G commercial applications, which has led to some problems in the current industry and the application of 5G mobile phones. However, 5G is an inevitable, huge, industrial-grade industrial upgrading, and various terminals will inevitably mature and improve gradually in the process of promotion. The person said.

Source: Ding Guangsheng-NT1941, Responsible Editor of China Business Newspaper