He Yicheng studied in Zhejiang University: proud that his father was from Zhejiang Province

 He Yicheng studied in Zhejiang University: proud that his father was from Zhejiang Province

He Yicheng (information map)

On the morning of May 25, the results of the election of the fifth Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region were announced. He Yicheng received 392 valid votes and was elected the fifth Chief Executive. Editors at this end noticed that the new chief executives ancestral home was Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.

Who is He Yicheng? You may be a stranger to this name. In fact, He Yicheng has worked in the business and political circles of Macao for many years. He has served as Vice President and Chairman of the Legislative Council of Macao for many years. He has always been concerned about the development of his hometown, always proud that his father was from Zhejiang.

In mid-February 2016, when he learned from the news that the first China-Iran railway container freight train from Yiwu had left Turkmenistan for Iran and would arrive at the terminal of Tehran, the capital of Iran, the whole journey of more than 10,000 kilometers, he was very happy.

He said that this is Chinas first international railway freight train to the Middle East. Yiwu is wonderful! I am proud of my hometown. Zhejiang will surely make great progress in the construction of the whole area.

Unforgettable Hometown Zhejiang University

He Yicheng was born and bred in Macao. However, there is an interview with He Yicheng in the social media during the 2018 NPC and CPPCC sessions. In the interview, He Yicheng, then honorary president of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, also has a Jiangsu-Zhejiang accent in Mandarin. Ma Yun said, let me be honorary president.

Unlike most tourists whose ancestors are only in Zhejiang, He Yicheng also studied in Zhejiang University and is very familiar with Zhejiang.

The ancestral home of the Hejia family in Macau is Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. He Yichengs father, He Tian, was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. He graduated from the Automation Department of Nanjing College of Mechanical Engineering in 1936 and moved to Macao in the late 1940s.

He has always played an important role in Macaus economic development.

In the 1950s, his father, Hetian, founded Macau Hetian Industries Co., Ltd. and Hetian Industries grew rapidly into one of the largest manufacturers of plastics, electronics and electronic information products in Macau at that time. He Tian has been appraised as the first person in modern industry in Macao.

When he was young, He Yicheng started at the grass-roots level in Hetian Industry and joined five other brothers and sisters in expanding his fathers business empire.

At the beginning of reform and opening up, compatriots of Hong Kong and Macao responded to the call to return to the mainland to invest actively, including Hetian Industry. Hetian industry has opened factories in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other cities in Zhejiang Province. With the continuous expansion of the manufacturing territory, Hetian industry is also seeking transformation.

They cooperated with Hangzhou in technology and product research and development, and established the Institute of Industry of Hetian-Zhejiang University. He Yicheng himself also went to Zhejiang University to study mechanical and electrical engineering and economics.

Before Macaus return, He Yicheng served as the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference for many times from 1978 to 1998. After Macau returned to the motherland, He Yicheng returned to the SAR government to serve. Since then, He Yicheng has visited Zhejiang many times.

According to the memoir of the Yiwu government website, on October 21, 2007, 30 Macao entrepreneurs from Zhejiang Economic and Trade Investigation Group headed by He Yicheng, member of the CPPCC National Committee, member of the Macao SAR Preparatory Committee, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and general manager of the Macao Hetian Industry Co., Ltd., visited Yiwu.

In 2015, he accompanied He Houbao to visit Jinhua.

He also pays special attention to Yiwu. He often checks the relevant media when he is waiting at the airport, before he goes to bed in a hotel on business, and pays attention to the development and changes of his hometown. He Yicheng once told the media that the promotion of the one belt and one way initiative has provided Macao with great opportunities for development.

Do not forget the homeland of the three generations

Relatives do not belong to native people.

To mention He Yicheng, it is necessary to mention the strong homesickness of the three generations of his familys ancestors and grandchildren.

In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Zhejiang won two gold medals, besides Wu Xiaoxuan, and Lou Yun, the king of vaulting horse.

Lou Yun, who returned home with a full load, received many awards, one of which impressed him deeply. I remember when I came back, there was a Macau compatriot named Hetian. He awarded me and Wu Xiaoxuan two Olympic champions. The prize was a motorcycle. It was very good to be able to drive a motorcycle in that era. Lou Yun recalled.

He Tian is the father of He Yicheng. So far, Yiwu still has a road named after him, Hetian Avenue.

In the view of his nephew He Pei-zheng, To be a man, one must not forget ones origin is what his grandfather used to teach him. He Peizheng spent his first grade at his grandmothers home in Lishui, Zhejiang. After finishing his primary school in Macao, his grandfather sent him back to Lishui. He didnt return to Macao until he finished his middle school. At that time, the young Hepei couldnt fully understand his grandfathers approach: why his family wanted him to study in Lishui from prosperous Macao.

He Peizheng is very grateful for some hard-working experience in those years. Without the hard-working in those years, there would be no oneself now. He confessed that his grandfather had a great influence on his education. Every time my grandfather returned to Macau from the Mainland, he always said that his hometown had changed greatly and changed well. He always reminded him that he should have feelings for his homeland, not be afraid of hardship, and be diligent and thrifty. Patriotism is a kind of family culture inherited by Hejia.

According to media reports, He Peizheng was elected a member of Jinhua Municipal Consultative Conference several years ago. While lamenting the rapid development of home construction, he is also exploring the appropriate investment environment and thinking about contributing to the economic construction of his hometown.

In the past, He Yicheng has completed the transformation of enterprises and developed to many fields through cooperation with Zhejiang in R&D. Today, because of this layer of origin of the new chief executive of Macao, Macao and Zhejiang will also have closer exchanges.

Source: Zhejiang News Responsible Editor: Dai Wenjia_NB12498