The firefighter had just saved her from flying and she couldnt think of it the next day.

 The firefighter had just saved her from flying and she couldnt think of it the next day.

Qianjiang Evening News reported on August 24. Many readers must have fresh memories of the thrilling scene on the night of August 23. On the Bank of Qiantang River on the 23rd, the lad flew to rescue the girl who wanted to jump the bridge!

Standing along the lower bridge of the Fourth Qianjiang Bridge in Hangzhou, the girl rescued by firefighter Zhang Qiulongfei, the firefighters all hope that she can get better as soon as possible and face life bravely.

But unexpectedly, last night, the girl again stood on the lower bridge of the Fourth Qianjiang Bridge.

At 7:30 p.m., there were many people watching the scene. Security personnel who maintained order reminded the drivers of passing electric vehicles to turn off their lights.

According to the crowd, the girl stood on the edge of the bridge again around 6 p.m.

Passing citizens rushed to report to the police after they found out. Police and firefighters quickly arrived at the scene. Zhang Qiulong, who rescued the girl yesterday, also arrived at the scene again. She was negotiating with the girl and trying to calm her mood.

Three police cars and two fire engines have been parked nearby. The police informed the girls parents that they had arrived at the scene.

After more than two hours of conversation, at 8:16 p.m., firefighters finally seized the opportunity. First, a firefighter climbed over the railing to attract the girls attention.

Seeing the firefighters, the girl ran about 30 meters south. At this time, the girls position is closer to the viewing platform. Firefighters on the edge of the bridge continued to attract the girls attention, while another firefighter quietly climbed over the viewing platform and quickly approached. When the time was ripe, two firefighters jointly threw the girl down and quickly carried her back to safety.

One of the two firefighters is still Zhang Qiulong.

However, after standing for so long and experiencing the ups and downs of mood, the girl could not walk any more. Zhang Qiulong handed her to her comrade-in-arms in the way of a princesss embrace and sent her to the fire engine.

The firefighter in the picture is Zhang Qiulong.

Zhang Qiulong wanted to report to those he had saved through Qianjiang Evening, Even death is not afraid, what difficulties can not be overcome? He also hoped that the girl would feel better and face life bravely.

After the official of Qianjiang Evening News saw the news of Zhang Qiulongfeis rescue, some netizens left a message below: People who despise life, though they dont know what your great difficulty is, please think about it. A leap in a second is for you to be weak, confused, impulsive and endless pain of your family, and for firefighters to be cold and hot. The courage and quality that comes from hard training day by day. Never know, they are willing to work hard for you, is it not worth living?

Girls refuel, there is no obstacle that can not be overcome, but also to the dedicated firefighters praise!

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Dai Wenjia_NB12498