539 days! The last time Van Dykes abnormal record ended was last March.

 539 days! The last time Van Dykes abnormal record ended was last March.

In the 6th minute of the game, Pepe catches the ball in midfield and Van Dyke defends him behind him. At this point, Pepe made a quick turn and left Van Dyke behind. Then he drew the distance between them with speed. Apparently, Pepe succeeded in breaking through Van Dyke. So far, Van Dykes record of 50 consecutive Premier League matches has ended.

In the past 539 days, there have been 50 consecutive games in the Premier League. No player in the Premier League has been able to break through Van Dyke successfully, which is enough to show the strength and terror of Van Dykes defensive strength. In the Premier League, Van Dykes last breakthrough was in March 2018, when Mikel Merino of Newcastle won over Van Dyke.

In the Community Shield Cup earlier this month, Van Dyke was also breached by Ressus in Manchester Citys squad, ending 67 consecutive matches without breaking the record, which was another 17 months later. The end of the record does not mean that Van Dykes strength is declining. On the contrary, it reflects the Dutchmans BUG-level defense. Few defenders have not been able to break through for such a long time.

The Daily Mirror revealed that Liverpool executives attached great importance to Van Dykes value and that they would sign a new long-term contract with the teams defensive core in the near future. After the contract renewal, Van Dykes weekly salary will double to 250,000 pounds, which is the top salary in Liverpool. Van Dyke and Liverpool have four years to go before their current contract expires, but the Reds management believes Van Dyke deserves a long-term investment.

Last season, Van Dyke won the PFA Player of the Year award, becoming the first defender to win the award in 14 years. Van Dyke is now Liverpools third captain, and his leadership is undoubtedly recognized by everyone. Previously, FIFA announced the final three candidates for this years Golden Globe Award, and Van Dyke joined Messi Cro in the selection, which is his recognition of his outstanding performance in the past year. If he wins the Golden Globe award, Van Dyke will be another defender who won the Golden Globe award after Cannavaro in 2006.

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