Did you know | Croatia found three ancient alien skulls, one of which was a Hun?

 Did you know | Croatia found three ancient alien skulls, one of which was a Hun?

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Ancient deformed human skulls have been found all over the world. Some skulls have unique structures, similar to those of aliens in science fiction movies. Recently, archaeologists have found three ancient skulls in Croatia, two of which are sharpened and artificially deformed. Their history can be traced back to 415 to 560 A.D.

Is the deformed skull an alien or some special cultural symbol?

Every skull has different shapes, perhaps to show that it belongs to a particular cultural group. Looking back at human history, there were artificial skull deformations in ancient times from Eurasia, Africa and South America around the world. Skull knots were shaped by using tight headdresses, bandages or rigid tools. Is it a sense of beauty with a specific meaning or a mysterious tribal ritual? So far, scientists have not uncovered the mystery.

Ancient culture had different explanations for this kind of deformed skull behavior. Some experts speculated that the deformed skull showed a special social status, representing the characteristics of a family, or people thought that the deformed skull was more beautiful at that time. The earliest deformity skull surgery to date began in China 12,000 years ago, but the origin of deformity skull surgery can not be verified now. It may originate in China or appear independently around the world.

Currently, archaeologists have found three corpses in a tomb at Hermanovvinograd archaeological site in Croatia. Between 2014 and 2017, they used various methods to analyze these bones, including DNA analysis and radiography, a method of using radiation to observe the interior of objects such as skulls.

Male adolescents with deformed skulls died between 415 and 560 A.D.

Their analysis showed that the skulls were male adolescents aged 12 to 16 who died of malnutrition to varying degrees, but that was not the cause of their eventual death. Mario Novak, a bioarchaeologist at the Sagsab Institute of Anthropology in Croatia, said that they were likely to suffer from some kind of disease. Death in a short period of time, no scars left on the bones, it is likely to be infected with plague.

At the same time, Novak and his colleagues did not find any objects to confirm the social status of the deceased in the grave. The analysis showed that the three teenagers died around 415-560 A.D., during the period of mass migration and the most turbulent period in European history. At that time, after the fall of the Roman Empire, a new population surged. In Europe, different cultures emerged, which became the basis of modern European countries and civilizations. In other words, this period laid the foundation for our current European civilization, Nowak said.

One of the dead may be a Hun.

DNA analysis of the three ancient boys showed that one was of Western Eurasian origin, one was of Near Eastern origin and the other was of East Asian origin.

A boy from the Near East has a round, upright deformed skull, which means that his frontal bone flattens behind his forehead and the height of his skull increases significantly, Nowak said. A boy from western Eurasia may not have any deformed skull, while a boy of East Asian descent has an obliquely deformed skull, which means that his skull is diagonally pulled. Stretch.

Nowak said that we believe that different skull deformations in Europe are used as visual indicators for a cultural group. It is not clear which cultural group they belong to, but the East Asian boy is probably a Hun. Nowak and his team now hope to find more skull deformations from Europe. To understand this abnormal culture on a wider scale. The study was published in the August 21 issue of the Journal PLoS ONE.

Aliens 15 centimeters long were discovered in 2003!

As early as 2003, archaeologists found a tiny alien in Chiles Atacama Desert. The skull is very delicate, but the structure is complete. The skull is stretched and the ribs can be clearly seen. The body length is only 15 centimeters.

The news had a sensational effect at that time. People believed more that this was the mysterious alien that had been waiting for a long time. But after the analysis of scientists, it was actually a baby girls corpse. Gene tests showed that she was related to dwarfism, scoliosis and skeletal dysplasia. There were many mutations in her body, which should be just born. Soon baby girl.

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