When you are middle-aged, remember three dont invite three dont go. Why waste your feelings and money?

 When you are middle-aged, remember three dont invite three dont go. Why waste your feelings and money?

[3] Do not invite people with false feelings. People in middle age, streamlined social interaction, not a circle, there is no need for strong integration. In the middle-aged workplace, there is less utilitarianism and more elegance. Its better to be an old lover than a pale friend. A pot of wine, a cup of tea, drink too much to enjoy, can not drink tea, happy, calm. Those who are false, snobbish, ostentatious and flattering should not be invited again for the second time. This kind of person mingled with old friends is like a piece of rat excrement spoiling a pot of soup, spoiling the taste of friendsgatherings, making dishes not fragrant, wine not mellow and emotional not true. Why waste emotions and burn money?

Fourth, you cant make up the number of meals. In middle age, when the ship arrives at the wharf, the bus arrives at the station. If you have no desire, you are just happy. You cant depreciate yourself. When you are invited to a restaurant just before dinner, you may have a vacant seat. The standard of the meal is set. By the way, you are sold a face and refused resolutely. When you were not invited, you suddenly remembered your meal and refused to go. When your supervisor met your acquaintance at the dinner, he called you to go to a restaurant where you had a toast and refused to go. Others dont treat you as a person, you should treat yourself as a person.

[5] Hulas hard-won winery wont go. In middle age, people stroll home from work and cook two small dishes with their wife, which is the longest confession. Some middle-aged workplace, empty and lonely, coupled with alcohol dependence, often Hula hard together a few people, save a beer and meat friend bureau, neither for the exchange of feelings, nor for the chat of friendship, just drink to the full, can sleep. You have your schedule, you have your rhythm of life, there is no need to spend time with others, pure waste of time and energy and meaningless winery will not go.

Sixth, theres no way to cheat you into a meal. Middle-aged people, a little bit of real power, you can identify the nature of the wine shop, face-to-face refuse a lot of invitations to eat, but can not stop your classmates, colleagues, friends curve salvation, in the name of old friends gathering, pull you into the board. After arrival, it was a boss who introduced the guest. For the sake of friends face, you can only be disobedient and unhappy. Friends gather, actively participate in this type of second-hand liquor bar, we need to ask more who is the host, who participates in, second-hand liquor bar will be resolutely refused, why be called by others as a gun.