After 00, Zhao Jinmai dressed up mature in a suit, had beautiful legs in asymmetric sports trousers, and was too young to wear a nail.

 After 00, Zhao Jinmai dressed up mature in a suit, had beautiful legs in asymmetric sports trousers, and was too young to wear a nail.

Just recently, Zhao, 17, was present at the nylon 2nd anniversary event party. Before it changed, the pure girl route was dressed up in black suit and matured, with asymmetrical sports pants and fancy legs.

Not only do many people think this way, but even in my inherent thinking, they think that suits are the choice of mature older brothers and older sisters. However, this time, Zhao Jinmai made me completely change my view. A black suit style foundation, compact flat collar with simple shoulder design, lines straightforward, very good in the details of the distinction, it is more suitable for small girls.

The suit has a very serious feeling. If you wear a white shirt as usual, it will really become a small stereotype. So Zhao Jinmai wears a white T-shirt, small round collar smoothly paves a relaxed atmosphere, red printing illuminates the whole body full of dynamic, high-quality texture can withstand more than 7,000 prices.~

Looking at the upper part of the body, Zhao Jinmais matching single products, though rich in texture, did not surprise me much, but did not realize that her personality is all in the trouser legs. Two trouser legs are long on one side and short on the other. The uneven length has a strong impact on the vision. While maintaining the leisure atmosphere, it does not delay exposing the thighs. I wear the fancy legs.~

The high heels under your feet are again in contrast with the sports wind, which echoes the suit. Showing the back of the foot and stretching the legs, the proportion of the body can also be played in the Cenozoic florets. Chain element necklace around neck cleverly points out the noble and luxurious side, and the posture of carrying a bag is too handsome.~

Taking advantage of the fire of Na Na, Zhao Jinmai also gave himself the same style of Na Na Na Na, two witty little pinches neutralized the maturity of the black suit, messy broken hair is a bit casual, strength deduces the right hairstyle of girls after 00 with the suit!

Although 17-year-old Zhao Jinmai is still a minor, yet dressed in a mature suit, the shape is cool to say, with asymmetrical sports pants fancy long legs, high heels strength highlights the proportion of stature, which nipple and wire-framed glasses are too girlish!

Interestingly, Zhao Jinmai, Han Duo, also met Qu Chuxiao, Liu Qi, and his brother and sister, the strongest on the earth, were still so cool in the same frame two years later.


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