Four of the ugliest ways to wear broad-legged pants, especially the first, are the easiest to wear auntie.

 Four of the ugliest ways to wear broad-legged pants, especially the first, are the easiest to wear auntie.

Not because of anything else, just because the wide-legged pants are really too big! Good! Wear! Now! Whatever you are, you will look tall and thin, and the flesh in the lower half of your body is invisible!

So every time you dont know what to wear when facing a cabinet of clothes, just pick your wide-legged pants, and match any jacket with hin.

However, even with such high-profile, thin and versatile broad-legged trousers, there are some taboos to wear. Miya has tidied up several minefields for you. Babies must pay attention to them!!! (ps: The star map used is only for demonstration, not for myself!)

Low-waist pants used to be a popular element in the fashion circle, but they were too picky and too ungainly, so they were only suitable for supermodels who had big legs nowhere to put them on.

But even for supermodels, wearing low-waist pants will also appear to be body proportions... Its hard to say.

Big cousins thighs are obvious to all, low-waisted trousers make her look much longer upper body.

Similarly, the former Street Shot Queen Da Power and the current cargo queen Zhou Yutong, Yan Gao and legs are in good shape, but low-waisted pants really shorten the leg length, thigh long seconds into five or five bodies.

As a small man, you cant wear low-waisted pants casually. Jolin tried hard to make up for it with short jackets and high heels, but the low-waist trousers had short legs, so the effect was not good.

Low-waisted trousers are just destructive! Wu Xin had five or five bodies. The waistline of low-waist trousers was just stuck in the broadest crotch. It seemed that the lower part of her body was very strong. Even wearing thick soles could not save her.

Correct opening method:

The first point of buying broad-legged pants: high waist line!!! (Take a notebook and write it down)

And this kind of high-waist broad-legged pants with sagging and slightly loose feel can blur the position of the gear line and buttocks, so it is more friendly for short-legged girls, and matching flat shoes is not in the words!

Some time ago, fashion industry began to crazily popular so-called sweater pants, fashion bloggers are bringing goods one after another, instantly showing off.

Ground trousers are really well-known. They can be called mop reincarnation. Wherever they go, they are clean everywhere except for the dirty legs.

I do not deny that it shows the function of leg length, after all, wearing high-heeled shoes can be completely blocked by trousers legs, strength increased.

But is it really practical to rub the legs on the ground? Perhaps one foot on the trousers fell down, so this kind of trousers is not everyday at all, only suitable for bloggers to wear photos!

There is also the trousers that Mustang also wears, which are piled up on the instep. Its really difficult to highlight the advantage of leg shape, and it also appears that the legs are very short and thick. Its better to show the figure of nine-minute trousers.

Many babies feel that, since the floor sweaters are not everyday, they should choose shorter ones, and then... Step on the thunder again.

These pants are very short legs, cut the lower half into 3:2, and the wide legs also widen the lower half, so that the legs look thick and short.

Especially when a small man + fleshy calf body meets seven-cent wide-legged pants, even high waist design can not save, so we must learn a lesson!

The most prominent broad-legged trousers must be at the instep position, coupled with high waist design, so that your legs can reach the longest limit, flat shoes are not afraid.

But also have to learn to appropriate loose, too large trouser legs can make the waist look thinner, but also make the lower body appear very bulky, after all, too wide will appear short.

Especially for girls who are pear-shaped, the big hip and wide legs are the shortcomings, and this fat and large version not only does not cover up, but also enlarges.

The sisters with thin legs and long stature are not necessarily able to control them well. Jiangjiang and Qiaoxin are well-known figures in the entertainment circle, while the fat trousers spoil the proportion of excellent stature.

Its even more difficult for a small man to wear them. Shen Yue and Wu Xin are surrounded by these large trousers, which seem to be short and bulky when they go out in their pajamas.

Broad-legged trousers really can not be too self-cultivation, as long as the trousers slightly loose enough, both can cover meat, but not too inflated, whether long pants or nine-cent pants are set off by people and tall and thin.

Another is that you can choose Wu Xins trousers with sagging feeling, or autumn elegance of this suit model, which is easy to wear, small people can easily control, super high!

Many malts, in order to highlight the leisure temperament of fat broad-legged trousers, have been matched with a loose jacket, but fat + fat = fat, not only not leisure, but also inexplicably gain more than a dozen kilograms.

My sister likes leisure in private, but its hard for a little girl with a bit of meat to support the match, like stealing her brothers clothes. Shen Yues blouse with big flowers and pants with big legs have no waistlines and curves at all.

So, its really hard for a little fat man to wear that sense of leisure.

Miss Wenqis wide-legged trousers have no problem in choosing them (except that her shoes are a bit ugly), but she wears a half-high collar jacket with fluffy sleeves on her upper body, which shows that her shoulders are very wide and her weight is obvious.

Wang Da-power with goods also failed to prop up this super-fat shirt. Although his legs are still very good-looking, his upper body is too bulky to work, so we must choose carefully.

Fat and big leisure style is more suitable for tall girls to try. If we want to dress well, we must pay attention to tight combination.

If you want to wear a loose jacket, then the broad-legged pants slightly slim; if the pants are larger, then the jacket is tighter, it will not appear fat oh.

Another way is to show your skin properly. In fact, dew is a very smart way to slim down, all the attention is attracted to the upper body, such as Guo Jies set of matches, it is worth your reference.

So todays content will be introduced to you.

Many babies will ask me why the same clothes are always not good-looking, in fact, because a lot of small details have not been noticed, so today for you to organize the four minefields wearing wide-legged pants, write down 10 times in this book.