Higher than retro style and thinner than minimalist style, Plaid clothes will be worn in 2019!!

 Higher than retro style and thinner than minimalist style, Plaid clothes will be worn in 2019!!

But what is Liyas love? That must be a delicate, delicate and non-publicized Plaid pattern!

The plaid pattern in summer is a sweet girl line, which flows between the lines of the squares and is full of pastoral flavor.

Autumn plaid is light and familiar with knowledge, with the charm of retro filter, elegant and ladylike temperament.

Lets not say much. Follow Liya to see how the tide-makers play with the grid elements?!

The simple base lattice shirt, once known as the engineering mans local flavor symbol, but in fact, as long as the larger version, the cuff roll and the clothes stopper plug, the fairy can wear it out of fashion sense.

Fairy with perfect waist, grab the small tail in summer and show it again. The unique design of front and back can make the best of the strong points and avoid the weak points. It can be matched with high waist jacket. The capitals look good.

The Plaid blouse with waistline is a bit excellent. The small wrinkles collected from the clothes can cover the belly well. It matches the retro jeans and accessories. The modern girl of the new era is you!

This years hot drawstring wind items can adjust the waistline to create a slim three-dimensional sense. By early autumn, the heat is still constant. The cutting of the collar shows your superior right shoulder, which is charming and charming.

Its easy to overlap, knitted shirt + Plaid shirt, the right way to open the early autumn look, with fashionable white pants + Muller shoes, but without losing its highlights. Its no problem for fairies to copy such clothes.

Dense plaid, easy to produce a sense of expansion, the upper body of a self-cultivation style is easy to legs, the original small legs will be enlarged by vision.

Loose straight Plaid trousers, relatively not easy to make mistakes, with pendant material not only hide meat but also show thin, with hip-hop printing T, Street Chic girl is you.

Change into a hundred white shirts, but also a different casual shape, two loose single items, remember to plug out the waistline, in order to wear a tall and good figure.

Bright color is indeed eye-catching, but with too many elements and colors overlapped together, the whole look will appear too publicized, impatient to see and not everyday.

If you want to wear bright color checks out of fashion, you must choose simple basic colors for your jacket. Only in this way can you neutralize the publicity of your jacket and create a quality fashion sense.

High waist straight skirt, gentle accessories and early autumn fried chicken match, blouse tops, knitted sweaters are very beautiful, gentle breeze cat heels support, lady model.

Large area of plaid upper body, will also produce visual expansion, such as a loose dress without waistline, it is difficult to wear a curved figure.

In addition to the waistline, you need to use appropriate skin to show thin, such as this full package skirt is easy to show fat, superimposed lotus leaf cake skirt, but also make the lower half of the body look particularly bulky, slightly fat fairies must be careful.

The weather in the South has not yet completely entered autumn. The plaid and sweet waistcoat skirt should be arranged quickly. The waistband should emphasize the waistline and wear the thighs effortlessly.

Nothing can prevent fashionable skirts, medium and long Plaid suits, with the same color belt to take out the waistline, is an intellectual and lazy coexistence of the foreign style skirt!

The plaid jacket + Plaid sling skirt, the length above knee, just reveals the charming leg lines, breaks the original depression, and carries a delicate bag, daily commutes are held.

The whole Plaid suit is cool and elegant, with high heels and straight upupup air field. If the croptop fits inside, the open suit will be more skillful and elegant.

If you worry about not being able to control the large area of grid, small area of decoration is a good choice.

Grey Berets, juvenile and sweet, and gentle knitted sweater giant match, also add a lot of styling to the whole look.

The Red Plaid cap has a little more British flavor, the support of shoulder bag, full of College style, with witty horse tails, ghost horse girl herself.

Scottish grille Tote bag, durable and atmospheric, with clean linen suit, simple but without losing temperament, commuting elite Fan Full Score.

Okay, lets talk about the lattice today. Do fairies like it?