Kan Qingzi took a hard photograph and drew a cotton candy makeup. As a result, the whole Japanese girls were imitating it!

 Kan Qingzi took a hard photograph and drew a cotton candy makeup. As a result, the whole Japanese girls were imitating it!

This Japanese style goes well with Kan Qingzi. Its terrible. Its a heartfelt catch-up.

And this set of hard-shone makeup style is very similar to the

The so-called Japanese marshmallow girls are different from the lean, tall and delicate girls in contemporary mainstream aesthetics, but more inclined to the public and a little beefy girls.

In addition, the skin is very white, as soft and lovely as marshmallow, people can not help but want to embrace.

The makeup features are also obvious. The bottom makeup enlarges the advantages of natural skin to the greatest extent. The whole body is light, matte and soft. It is comparable to the baby muscle full of collagen.

Under the sunshine, you can also see the good looks from inside to outside. Its very sweet and pleasant.

There are twinkling eyes as if there are stars in the eye makeup, coupled with natural hair flu wild eyebrows is the marshmallow girls standard.

If you want to draw the eye makeup with stars, eyelashes must be the most important. You can use curly sunflower eyelashes to enlarge your eyes naturally and make your eyes more energetic.

Lip makeup is just like natural petals and lips, pink tender, can not help but want to kiss.

The most important thing is that such beautiful cotton candy makeup has surprisingly low requirements for cosmetic technology, even novice babies can easily start.

Cotton candy base makeup

Want to become a cotton candy girl, of course, to have the same pure color cotton candy bottom makeup, soft, both light and soft matte.

If you want to make the makeup look soft and soft, of course, you still need to do a good job of Concealer before the bottom makeup.

For example, the ADDICTION powder used in the District Flower is very fine and silky. It has very beautiful makeup effect after skin fusion, and has a soft light. Very suitable for lazy, brush two times can quickly solve the bottom makeup.

Many little locuties may not use powdery cakes or sweet cakes.

1. first use the powder puff to dip into the right amount of powder, evenly smear on the cheek.

2. Then fold the powder puff in the middle and evenly bring it to the nose, forehead, chin and other parts.

In this way, the bottom makeup is very clear and natural, because the thickest part of the face in the most flawed parts, the rest of the parts are taken with powder. Of course, there is a simpler way to make up with a brush. District flower also recommended Uncle gosss omnipotent brush No. 13.

This brush area spent 3 years is still strong, except for not well maintained a little hair, easy to use degree and make-up effect are able to kneel to sing conquer the kind.

The method of use is also very simple. First, use the brush to dip into the right amount of powder.

Photo Source: @Cheng Shian

Then the technique of makeup is more critical. With the polishing techniques we used to teach before, the powder is evenly swept on the face.

If it is dried skin, you can use powdery cake, so long as you do moisturizing work before makeup, you can do more moisturizing cream than usual, or use more moisturizing sunscreen and makeup before. You can also choose matte texture foundation liquid.

The core of the Japanese cotton candy eye makeup is restraint. There is no perfect cos Monkey Kings red eye makeup, nor does it fly into the sky, nor does it have smoked makeup. However, the cool, refreshing and clean eye makeup is more eye-catching.

01 light eye shadow.

The seemingly invisible eye shadow always gives the eyes a glimmer.

And this shimmering light comes from the pearlescent eye shadow. The micro pearl eye shadow can be said to be the soul of the cotton candy eye makeup.

It is similar to the texture of high gloss, and can not see the obvious sequins. The luster is uniform and round. It is the lowest tone in pearl eye shadow.

1. first use a light brown micro pearlescent eye shadow, then use a halo dye brush to fry the edges.

2. then use the golden pearlescent eye shadow to brighten the center of the eyelids.

So the eye shadow part is over. It only uses two colors. Its quite simple.

02 powerful Eyeliner

Careful observation of the Japanese make-up of the little cute people must have found that no matter how light the eye makeup, Eyeliner will not be omitted, can not draw eye shadow, but can not draw eyeliner.

To make the eye makeup more natural, use a brown eyeliner to fill the root of the eyelash and extend the width of the 2mm.

Then with a small brush, the part just painted out is carefully dizzy dyed.

03 emphasizes upper and lower eyelashes

If you want to enlarge your eyes and dont want to wear too much makeup, you must have curly sunny eyelashes.

Eyelashes magnify the effect of the eyes is not a single star and a half, blossoms cut the high-definition eye makeup map of Dili Reba and Yang Fang, female starseye makeup is absolutely indispensable is eyelashes!

If you want to clip the perfect sunflower eyelashes, you still have the knack to control the strength of the clip, clip up a section at a time, so that you can clip out the beautiful sunflower!

And you cant just clip the middle eyelashes. You can take care of both sides.

Of course, if technology permits, you can also clip your eyelashes.

The steps of brushing eyelashes are equally important. It is best to brush Z-shaped at the root of the eyelashes, otherwise the front part of the eyelashes will become drooping and fly legs will appear.


Wild eyebrows without trim

Cotton candy girls have furry eyebrows, even without trimming.

Just use eyebrow powder to outline and fill the desired eyebrow shape.

Or the eyebrow shape is very cute, even eyebrow powder can not be used, when applying eyebrows, brush two eyebrows on the line.

Cotton candy blush

If you want to have the same color of cotton candy from inside and outside, of course, the first choice is blush cream!

Dip the fingers or sponge eggs in the right amount of blush cream, and take a daring look at the edge.

Cotton candy lip makeup

What can add to the cotton candy makeup is the natural pink lip makeup. Clean and clean will not grab the overall fashion. All parts of the face are restrained and harmonious coexistence.

So the choice of color should also be restrained, try to choose some lively grapefruit color, can appear both lovely and good color.

For example, Bobbi Browns new color limit is very much in line with the cotton candy girls settings.

The paste is light in texture and has a soft foggy feeling. It looks very rich, but the upper mouth is not so deep.

Photo Source: @luna ruins the family for cosmetics

Well, todays cotton candy makeup is like this, is it very simple?

Then summarize the following technical points:

The makeup and makeup of the makeup are mainly on the eyeliner and the eyelash blush. The picture is bold and bold.

In fact, most girls do not have female stars, supermodel perfect proportion and exquisite facial features, but it can not prevent us from pursuing the right to beauty. There are millions of ways of beauty, as long as we find the most suitable for ourselves is the most perfect.

For example, when a Japanese girl was exaggerated for 50 days, her face changed dramatically. In fact, the biggest reason is her inferiority complex. Being exaggerated for 50 days is also a process to help her build up self-confidence.

Its better to accept the imperfect oneself than that. After all, cotton candy girls are beautiful too.~

Well, thats what were going to do today.~

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