Peoples leaders love the people

 Peoples leaders love the people

The General Secretary stepped forward on his own initiative and shook hands with you cordially. One pair, two pairs and countless pairs of exciting hands reached out, and the General Secretary took them one by one with his powerful and warm hands. Tourists in the distance cheered warmly. Xi Jinping waved to them frequently, expressing his love for the people.

In the moments of history, a precious historical picture has been fixed: the leaders of the people love the people, and the leaders of the people love the people.

After that, Jiayuguan, Gaotai, Shandan, Gulang, Lanzhou... The general secretary came all the way, and the people crowded around and cheered all the way.

At noon on the 20th, near 13 oclock, General Secretary Xi Jinping concluded his inspection at the Memorial Hall of the Red Army West Road for Workers and Peasants in China, and the convoy drove into the Peoples Road in Gaotai County.

On both sides of the road, the crowds rushed to the inside three stories and the outside three stories. The General Secretary has worked hard! Long live the motherland! Long live the Communist Party of China! Cheers and shouts rang through the sky.

General Secretary temporarily parked, got off and went to the crowd. Thousands of people gathered around and shook hands and waved. In a few minutes, Peoples Road became an ocean of joy. The pictures of the general secretary shaking hands with you were quickly transmitted on the Wechat, and the netizens who failed to arrive at the scene expressed their emotion: excitement across the screen, love from the heart...

In Lanzhou, after investigating the Lantie Pumping Station Project of the Yellow River Governance, the General Secretary was about to get on the bus and saw a large number of people gathered across the street. The General Secretary bypassed the car and went to the middle of the street, waving to the people across the fence.

Along the way, the peoples simplicity and love for leaders are moving. The General Secretarys deep love for the people also affects the people, including every comrade around him.

It is a rule laid down by General Secretary Xi Jinping after the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China not to close roads or disturb the people. In Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and Jiayuguan City, visitorsvisits were not affected by the investigation. Many visitors also listened to the explanation with the General Secretary. On the Bank of the Yellow River, when listening to the report on the management and protection of the Yellow River, the traffic flow in the streets nearby is endless and the citizens are interacting with each other.

On the internet, there are pictures of the General Secretary from various perspectives, such as overhead, upright and side shots. Some people hold their mobile phones in one hand and shake hands with the General Secretary, leaving valuable self-portraits. Some people jumped up to shake hands with the General Secretary, and some shed tears. Almost all the photographs, the General Secretary is smiling... That is the expression of the peoples leaders in the face of the people.

At the historic moment of nearly a hundred years since the founding of the Communist Party of China, people are asking: Where is the Communist Party of China coming from and where is it going? General Secretary Xi Jinping once again warned the whole Party by action: from the people to the people. No matter how far it goes, the Communist Party of China can not forget the way it came. The nature of the Communist Party of China to love the people can never fade.

Coming from Liangjiahe, a small village in northern Shaanxi, he knows the common people step by step. When confronted with the masses, the General Secretary always said modestly that I was the servant of the people. Li Yingchuans family in Fumin New Village, Gulang County, heard that Li Laohan raised sheep. General Secretary Xi Jinping asked, Is it a Small-tailed Han sheep? The villagers know that the general secretary is an expert. General Secretary Xi Jinping took the furrow plough to work in the Eight-Step Shalin Farm. The staff of the forest farm decided that he was an old-fashioned man when they saw the movements. The General Secretary has advised local officials not to fool around with bonsai. I have worked in the local area for many years, and I can see it at a glance.

On the Bank of the Yellow River, the citizens talked about happiness. General Secretary Xi Jinping said humorously that one of the reasons for your happiness is Lanzhou ramen. Decades ago, the greatest wish of Liangjiahe people was to eat meat. General Secretary Xi Jinping had been thinking about it all the time. It is precisely because of this deep feeling for the people that after the 18th National Congress of the CPC, he resolved to lift the poor people out of poverty in the whole country. He made unprecedented efforts to carry out the struggle against poverty and wrote an incredible miracle in the history of human anti-poverty. He said, I emphasize the spirit of nailing, and I should also grasp this matter with the spirit of nailing.

This time, the General Secretary visited the villagers who had been relocated from the mountainous areas in Fumin New Village. Li Yingchuans family reported to the General Secretary 1510 on policy subsidies for medical insurance, social security and vegetable greenhouses. Count and count the tears. Li Laohan also keeps old photos of adobe houses on the hill. Compared with the past, he sighs that the days are too happy. The General Secretary said, You are happy, we are also happy. The Communist Party serves the people and works for the people. It is the cause of the Communist Party to make the people live happier.

At the next days provincial Party committee and provincial government work report meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again mentioned the Li Laohan family and the simple villagers: Water can carry a boat can also overthrow a boat. Our boat, the peoples ocean is firmly held. Never lose the hearts of the people. Always think about doing things for the people. Thats what the Communist Party needs to do.