Central A Score: Five teams scrambling to surpass the qualifications of Liaozu Deep into the downgrading circle

 Central A Score: Five teams scrambling to surpass the qualifications of Liaozu Deep into the downgrading circle

Last night, there were seven matches in the first division, and this weeks second division ended. Of these seven matches, there are only 6 matches in the 23rd round, while Heilongjiang and Xinjiang are the 21st round of supplementary matches. As a result of the appearance of supplements and postponements, the situation of overtaking in Chinas first division is in great disorder.

This round of Yatai and Xinjiang game postponed, Hengfeng away 4-1 victory over Greentown not only succeeded in climbing the top, but also basically shattered the opponents fantasy of surpassing. With the postponement of the match between Hohhot and Heilongjiang Province, Huanghai and Yongchang won this round one after another, ranking second in the previous round, Huanghai and Yongchang ranked third and fourth, and Hohhot fell to fifth. North Sports University and Greentown lost separately, basically no chance to surpass, Heilongjiang in the make-up game to get 3 points, a game less in the case of a trace of catch-up possibility.

Apart from Yatai and Hohhot mentioned above, Hengfeng also has a make-up match against Shen Xin. Hengfeng and Yatai both play one less game, and the two teams are in the top two, occupying the absolute initiative of Chongchao. If Hohhot wins the game, it will rise to the 3rd place at least, and possibly even reach the top.

The three supplementary matches on September 7 will directly determine the overwhelming momentum of the season. Of course, before the three supplementary matches, there will be another round of 24 matches on August 31. The team can not relax. Almost all matches are final.

At the end of the scoring table, Liaozhou, Sichuan, Nantong and Xinjiang, which ranked from the bottom 2 to the bottom 5, lost all the Games in this round. On the contrary, Shenxin Tieshu, who was at the bottom of the scoring table, scored 3 points in blooming and killing. The bottom Shen Xin is 6 points behind the penultimate Liao Zu, which is not easy to catch up with.

According to the rules of the season, the penultimate team will go straight to the second place, and the penultimate two or three teams will take part in the upgrade and downgrade supplementary tournament. Liaozu 18 points in the penultimate, Sichuan Foot 21 points in the penultimate and Nantong 21 points in the penultimate, and Xinjiang 26 points in the penultimate. These teams are the hot spots for relegation. Meizhou, which scored 29 points, and the teams that ranked before it did not completely get rid of the threat of relegation, but the relegation initiative was in their hands.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Bintang Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696