Millions of fans have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and selling minors.

 Millions of fans have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and selling minors.

Breaking Lamborghini by Live Broadcasting

In June 2018, two vicious mass fights took place in the area under the jurisdiction of the Datang Police Station of Zhuji City. The anti-gangster Office of the Zhuji Public Security Bureau arrested the gangster forces mainly composed of Baimou. When investigating the case, the police found that Baimou was also suspected of abducting and selling women. After the explanation of Baimou, Gaomou, a fellow countryman, took him to get started. He also mentioned that Gao Mou is now a good mixer, is a net red.

Baimous so-called net red Gaomou is a live broadcaster playing on a certain platform. In 2016, he became popular on the Internet with live videos of Jordan and Breaking Lamborghini. In March this year, the Zhuji police listed Gao Mou as the target of online pursuit for suspected cases of abduction and trafficking of minors and forced prostitution.

A friend of Gao Mou disclosed to the reporter of Beiqing Daily: He should belong to the performance personality.


Dont forget to broadcast live in the process of being wanted

Since May this year, Gao Mou, a beggar, suddenly disappeared from the live broadcasting platform. Some Netizens found that the net red man was pursued for illegal acts. In the process of being wanted, Gao Mou still broadcasts live on the platform.

On July 27, some netizens found that Gao suddenly released news through his social account, which lasted more than an hour. On the evening of July 30, Gao Mou again broadcast live on other peoples social accounts. The live broadcast lasted only more than ten minutes. The beggar brother in the live broadcasting room showed panic and unconsciously used dialect to shut down the broadcasting.

Photo Disclosure Location Information

On August 4, Gaos son was born. He posted two videos on Weibo. The police repeatedly watched the video and found many clues, which revealed Gaos whereabouts. Judging that Gao might be in his hometown in Guizhou, Zhuji police immediately rushed to Bakai Town, Rongjiang County.

After several days and nights of visits, the police finally got a clue to Gao Mous whereabouts - recently he appeared in the stone frog breeding base of Dangyang Village, Bakai Town. When the police broke into the house, they found two false guns and several long knives lying on the ground. Gaos ID card and mobile phone were left on the second floor of the cabin. The dishes and chopsticks for dinner were also piled up on the table in disorder. The police judged that Gao Mou had just left. They continued to search for Gao Mou in the mountains and downhill, but there was no trace of Gao Mou.

Smoke Bomb

After descending from the mountain, the police came to Gaomous home to communicate with his wife and parents, and hoped that they could persuade Gaomou to surrender voluntarily. However, that afternoon, the police accidentally received a call from Gao Mou. Gao in the phone was complacent about his lucky escape.

Wen/our reporter Zhang Xiangmei

Source: Liu Song_NBJ9949, Responsible Editor of Beijing Youth Daily