Dont let malicious crawlers crawl off big data marketing ethics

 Dont let malicious crawlers crawl off big data marketing ethics

Using crawler technology, crawl shop mobile phone numbers from shopping websites for marketing; with software, through people near Wechat, carry out station street fishing marketing... On August 20, the Beijing Newspaper exposed the Eagle Eye Wise Guest big data marketing system of Zhengzhou Win-win Technology Co., Ltd. On August 23, local government officials said that the district office had docked with the police and the police were investigating it. The companys responsible person said, will actively cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate.

The company, which boasts the first brand of Internet marketing service in China, declares on its official website that you have everything you need has a far-reaching meaning. But for users, the more powerful the crawler technology is, the more frightening it is. And the chaos in big data marketing of the Internet that this matter feedback, or far more than a business violation so simple. To speed up the construction of a reasonable and clear network marketing and data acquisition boundary, we must compete with the growth of Internet black production.

The crawler technology is born for the Internet information dissemination, and it has no original sin. The key lies in how to make rational use of it. Obviously, it is reported that some companies use this technology to make secondary data encapsulation and user drainage, and make profits through data trafficking and traffic traction, which not only oversteps the existing legal boundaries, but also constitutes an infringement on the interests of users and other platforms.

It has been reported that travel, social networking and e-commerce account for the top three in the target industry distribution of malicious crawler traffic. And login using this kind of APP has constituted the daily life of the vast majority of network users. If every users browsing traces are likely to be generated by malicious crawlers for secondary marketing, it is tantamount to putting personal information in a naked run state, and the individual has little defense. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the control of malicious reptile behavior at the source.

With the sinking of mobile Internet into all aspects of society, the emergence of big data marketing industry has its inevitability. However, first of all, Internet precision marketing should ensure that big data can be obtained properly. Like exposed enterprises, developing a system to crawl the user data of various Internet platforms without any authorization is equivalent to steal and plunder to a certain extent. The information security of personal information and Internet platform is threatened, and the big data marketing industry itself will also fall into disorder and stigma.

In May this year, the draft of Measures for Data Security Management issued by the State Internet Information Office clearly stipulated that network operators should not obstruct the normal operation of websites by using automated means to access and collect website data; for example, if the traffic collected by automated visits exceeds one third of the average daily traffic of websites, websites should stop themselves. When you activate access collection, you should stop. Network operators who collect important data or personal sensitive information for business purposes should file it with the local network and telecommunications department. In the actual implementation, we also need to clarify the standard of normal operation of the website, and clarify the punishment mechanism of not stopping in time and filing in accordance with the regulations.

From the experience of foreign countries, this filing system may be two-way - information collection and use are needed. For example, in some countries, telecom users who are unwilling to receive marketing calls will have special registration channels. Once the marketing enterprises or individuals violate the regulations and cause telephone harassment to such users, the rights and interests of users can be protected by special laws.

Of course, big data marketing is also a new industry. Under the background of imperfect industry supervision and lagging standards, the current chaos can also be regarded as a necessity at the beginning of the development of the industry. In terms of specific supervision, we may wish to embody prudent tolerance. However, in any case, the network big data marketing industry based on doubts about the legitimacy of data sources should have a systematic norm.

Source: Liu Song_NBJ9949, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper