Take an umbrella! Rainfall and Cooling in Beijing Tomorrow

 Take an umbrella! Rainfall and Cooling in Beijing Tomorrow

Beijing has plenty of sunshine this morning. (Tu/Jiangyi)

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that it will be cloudy in the daytime, with two or three levels of northward to southerly winds, with a maximum temperature of 30 C, and cloudy at night, with a first or second level of southerly winds and a minimum temperature of 20 C.

Next Monday, with the arrival of cold air, cloudiness in Beijing will increase, with a southerly wind, Level 2 and 3. Thunderstorms will appear in the northern and Western regions. Affected by rainy weather, the temperature dropped slightly, and the highest temperature in the daytime was about 29 degrees Celsius. At night, cloudy to clear, south to North wind, level 1, 2, the lowest temperature of 20 C.

On Tuesday, sunshine returns and the heat will go online again, with the highest temperature rising to 33 C. At night, its cloudy in sunny days. It turns south to North wind. Its about 2 degrees. The lowest temperature is 20 degrees centigrade.

Meteorological experts warn that next Monday, Beijing will be affected by the weak cold air. Rainfall will cool down again, and go out with good rain gear. However, the rain lasted only one day, the day after tomorrow, sunny and hot again on line, dry weather, strong ultraviolet radiation, go out to pay attention to sunscreen and water. In addition, the temperature difference between day and night in Beijing has increased significantly at the turn of the season. People who come out early and return late need to pay attention to keeping warm.