Regret! A 39-year-old writer died of a heart attack 10 days before he was discovered

 Regret! A 39-year-old writer died of a heart attack 10 days before he was discovered

At 22:55 p.m. on August 23, an obituary was posted on Weibo by the assistant of the famous writer of Readers Brand: A famous writer of network literature and writer of Readers God died unexpectedly at night. May the kingdom of heaven be painless and the heart of time be everlasting.

Internet writer Fan Danjie revealed on Weibo that she died of a sudden heart attack at night in Gezi, but was found ten days later because she lived alone.

Hes two years younger than me, 39 years old. The first time I met Gezi was at the annual meeting in 2006. Like his pen name, he had a little EQ. He taught me how to drink whiskey and make coffee in a pot. He also discussed the plot of the novel enthusiastically. Checker, go all the way.

Night in the Grid was originally named Liu Jiajun. His friends were designated as Liu Jiajun on August 11, 2019. The last microblog was 12:04 on August 12.

Liu Jiajun, a native of Shanghai, was born in 1980.

In 1999, Liu Jiajun won the first prize in the New Concept Composition Contest by virtue of his novel Physics Class. That year, Han Han won the prize with him. Guo Jingming was the first prize in the third and fourth New Concept Compositions. Speaking of it, Liu Jiajun was also Guo Jingmings brother.

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Physics Class was widely reproduced by Novels Monthly and other publications. Later, Liu Jiajun entered the liberal arts base class of the Chinese Department of East China Normal University without taking an exam because of his literary advantages. He has successively served in Germination, One Week in Shanghai and Literature Daily, and is the second director of Shanghai Network Writers Association.

Since 2004, he began to publish works with his pen name absolut on the starting Chinese website, including Digital Life, Heart of Time and King of the Book. Among them, Digital Life initiated the classification of digital life, with numerous fans, high popularity, was rated as a platinum writer by the starting point (the highest level of signatory writer, also known as platinum god).

Later, he was renamed Night in a Lattice, and was called one of the successors of Shanghais new popular literature.

Sudden death from overwork, accidental death, single living.... Every breathtaking word, all severely poke the sensitive nerve. It was a sleepless night. Countless network literary writers were shocked by the unexpected bad news and began to mourn on the Internet.

Perhaps the public only sees the scenery of a few network writers at the top of the pyramid, but neglects the perseverance and hard work of the vast majority of network writers, even the danger. All you earn is hard money, or you cant make money through hard work. With a sigh, you colleagues take care of you and continue to move forward peacefully and safely! __________

Guan Pingchao also revealed that the night in the lattice lives alone in Shanghai, her girlfriend is abroad and her family is not in Shanghai.

In the novel The King of the Book, which began to be serialized in 2018, Night in a Lattice, the protagonist travels through the novel because of overwork and death. This makes many readers hope that he really crossed and well play the leading role in the book.

Some netizens speculate that the night in the lattice is due to hard work and death. Network literary writers have been working hard year after year, lacking health awareness and self-protection awareness.

Others in the industry lament that people in middle age should pay more and more attention to health, exercise regularly, insist on physical examination every year, and maintain an open-minded attitude, so as to avoid accidents as little as possible.

The greatest feeling of modern people is: tiredness! Over-fatigue can easily lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. If a person is in a hurry, he will fall ill. If he is serious, he may die suddenly.

Warning from the body

If you persist in fatigue for more than six months, rest can not be relieved, accompanied by memory loss, headache, sore throat, joint pain, sleep disorders and depression and other symptoms, you should always tell yourself - I want to rest!

Performance 1: Muscle pain

Performance 2: Skeletal pain, waist pain, in other peoples eyes, you are often ill-posed, or even stooped.

Performance 3: Arthritis upstairs and downstairs will feel ankle or knee pain.

Performance 4: Yellow hair, you will see more and more serious hair loss, and hair is also more withered and yellow than before.

Performance 5: Nail crack, you will see that the nail is dull, has split.

Performance 6: When brushing teeth with wide gap, there will be bleeding, widening gap, and eating is easy to plug teeth.

Performance 7: Poor skin is inelastic, losing luster. Even with careful care, there will still be scaling and peeling.

Reminder: If you have more than two of the above seven problems, you should pay special attention to the alarm your body has issued. Dont ignore it. It should be recommended that you go to the regular hospital in time.

Stop staying up late and overdrawing.

Life wont make fun of you

Source: Dai Wenjia_NB12498, responsible editor of Sichuan Daily