Britains prime minister has fallen foul of the EUs top officials for the sake of breaking away from Europe

 Britains prime minister has fallen foul of the EUs top officials for the sake of breaking away from Europe

Johnson will be on the same stage with world leaders, including President Trump, but at the same time, he will continue to face domestic political pressure as opponents are actively preparing to launch a vote of no confidence, picking September when parliamentarians end their summer recess and return to work.

It is reported that 55-year-old Johnson succeeded Teresa May as British Prime Minister last month, putting his political future entirely on the issue of separation from Europe. He said that before the October 31 deadline this year, no matter whether an agreement is reached or not, Britain will be led out of the EU.

He has said that forcibly leaving Europe even without an agreement is the only way to force the EU to make concessions. So far, however, the European Union has remained unmoved, and Johnson is in a political dilemma.

Who is Mr. No Agreement?

It was when Johnson was distressed by the process that he fought with Tusk, the president of the European Council, over the possible responsibility of a future no agreement to leave Europe.

Johnson flew to France on the 24th to warn Tusk before the G7 summit that Tusk would be known as Mr. NoDeal until he agreed to amend the UKs exit agreement.

This comment is in response to Tusks earlier tweet.

Tusk tweeted earlier: Tomorrow I will meet Prime Minister Johnson. I hope he will not like to be remembered as Mr. Unagreed. The EU is ready to listen to practical ideas acceptable to all member states, including Ireland, if the British government is ready to put them on the negotiating table.

He emphasized that if the EU did not want Britain to leave Europe without agreement, it would have to get rid of the backup arrangement in the leave Europe agreement.

According to the agreement between former British Prime Minister Teresa May and the European Union, if Britain and Europe fail to negotiate a better plan for trade in Northern Ireland during the transition period, a backup arrangement will be launched at the end of the transition period to ensure that there is no such arrangement between Britains Northern Ireland and Ireland, a member of the European Union. Hard boundary.

Are the EU and the UK ready to leave Europe without an agreement?

According to British media analysis, both London and Brussels have assumed the posture of breaking the kettle and sinking the boat in order for Britain to leave Europe. If on October 31, 2019, Britain and the European Union could not reach an agreement on the exit from Europe, according to Prime Minister Johnsons declaration: there will be no if, no but, it will be forced to leave Europe. So are Britain and the EU ready?

Over the past few months, British government departments have stepped up their plans to withdraw from the EU without an agreement. The arrangements cover transportation, health care, energy, food and water.

Over the past year, British industries have been hoarding imports in large quantities, from white paper to frozen food raw materials, fearing that the breakdown of the delisting negotiations will affect the supply chain. British Gibraltar has also made preparations, focusing on possible delays in its border with Spain. There are thousands of people crossing the border every day. It also issued a number of notifications to advise the public on health care, driving, learning, financial services, mobile roaming and other issues.

The European Commission stresses that these arrangements are not a condition for re-entry into the EU. If Britain is to become a de-EU country without any transitional measures, the EU requires Member States to immediately implement their relevant rules and tariff regulations at their borders. But the document does not mention how the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will be handled. The European Commission has informed all Member States of its preparations.