Typhoon White Deer attacked South China with strong wind and rain and blocked land, sea and air traffic

 Typhoon White Deer attacked South China with strong wind and rain and blocked land, sea and air traffic

At the same time, there will be strong winds of 6-7 and gust 8 in the northeastern waters of the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, the central and southern coasts of Fujian Province and the eastern coasts of Guangdong Province. In some areas of the Taiwan Strait, there will be gust 8 and gust 9.

Xiamen Airport has been delayed in a large area and suspended for all passenger routes on Taiwans sea

According to FeiChangquan data, due to typhoon weather, Xiamen Kawasaki Airport has been delayed in a large area. Today, the first inbound flight is Spring and Autumn Airlines 9C880W (Shanghai Hongqiao-Xiamen Kawasaki). The flight arrived at 08:38 and there are no outbound flights at present.

Fujian Maritime Bureau reported that it had strictly implemented the relevant provisions on navigation ban. All nine passenger routes of Fujian to Taiwan were suspended. The high-speed passenger rollers of Strait, Lina and Cosco Star were sheltered in Ningde, Taiwan and Zhejiang, respectively.

In order to ensure the absolute safety of passenger train operation, the emergency response of flood control and typhoon prevention in the pipeline was upgraded to level II, and some train operation schemes were readjusted on August 25. Specifically:

On August 25, there were 2 2307 and 3 3331 stoppages from Fuzhou south to Shenzhen north, D673, D685, D2345 and D2349 from Xiamen to Shenzhen north, D959 and D2341 from Xiamen north to Shenzhen north, D2353 from Wuyi Shandong to Shenzhen north, and D2305 from Fuding to Shenzhen north. Shanghai Hongqiao to Shenzhen North D377, D2285, Nanjing to Shenzhen North D3125, Nanjing South to Shenzhen North D2293, Hefei South to Shenzhen North G1601.

Shenzhen north to Shanghai Hongqiao D378, D2284, Shenzhen north to Nanjing D3126, Nanjing South D2294, Shenzhen north to Hefei South G1602.

Starting from 18:00 on August 24, China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has responded to emergency response at level II of Fengtai of Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Bureau-Shanwei, Meishan-Longshan, Shelong and Zhanglong Railway Start-up Group Company, and at Hangzhou-Shenzhen, Meishan-Longshan, Shelong, Zhanglong, Beijing-Kowloon Railway Bureau-Huizhou, Beijing-Guangzhou, Leiyang-Guangzhou, Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway Leiyang-Guangzhou. South, Ganshao, Guiguang Passenger Special Bureau - Zhaoqing East started flood control level II emergency response. In order to ensure the safety of railway transportation, some railway trains in Guangdong have been suspended or changed to the starting station.

On August 25, Guangzhou South Railway Station opened G6325/8, G6305/8, G6317/20, G6301/4 times, and Shenzhen North Railway Station opened D7422, D7444/1, D9742/39, D9741, D9728, D7432/29, G5611, D7404/1, D2362, D690, D686, D2318, D614, D2350, D2342, D3332, D2308, D2346, D682, D3128, D2322. D 2306, Chaoshan Station opened G6343/2, D7419, D7439, G6383, D9727, G6319/8, G6381, D7543/2, G6303/2, Shantou Station opened D7438/9, D9740/1, D7430/1, Guangzhou East Station opened D7533/6/3, D2381/4, Futian Station opened G5610, and Hong Kong West Kowloon Station opened G6382.

On August 25, the general-speed trains stopped or changed to the departure station are: Guangzhou East Station T8379/82, T8365/8, Taipu Station T8381/0, Meizhou Station T8367/6, T8369, Shenzhen Station T8370, Shantou Station K800/797/800; Shantou Station K9012/3/2 changed to start in Dongguan East on the same day, Shantou Station K688/5/8 changed to the same day. Start at Guangzhou Station.

Source: Liable Editor of China Weather Network: Liu Song_NBJ9949