Fuyang, Anhui Province, Strive for Reform and Improvement to Ensure High-quality Poverty Alleviation

 Fuyang, Anhui Province, Strive for Reform and Improvement to Ensure High-quality Poverty Alleviation

Li Honglin, head of an e-commerce enterprise in Guoda Village, Tanpeng Town, Linquan County, Fuyang City

Through this rectification, there has been a great change in sales, product supply and business.

Not blindly pursuing full coverage, by optimizing the layout of e-commerce service sites, improving service functions and other rectification measures, up to now, 347 sites in Linquan County have completed the adjustment and upgrading.

Li Zhao, Head of Electronic Commerce Stock of Linquan County Commercial Grain Bureau, Fuyang City

No longer to complete the task in order to complete the task, to help our local areas with the development of e-commerce industry, to market agricultural products, to help our local agricultural products, more sales.

In order to put an end to formalism and bureaucracy in the field of poverty alleviation from the source, Fuyang Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau carefully arranged the standards of two without worries, three guarantees and rural drinking water safety, listed the list of problems, and timely rectification and implementation.

Zhou Jialian, a poverty-stricken household in Lizhai Village, Gongqiao Township, Funan County, Fuyang City

Often come home, come to ask long and short questions, ask what difficulties, very satisfied.

In the designated assistance center, the Fuyang Water Conservancy Bureau has invested more than 6 million yuan in the construction of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation, ditch and pond regulation projects in Lizhai Village, Gongqiao Township, Funan County, respectively, and the production and living conditions of the masses have been significantly improved.

Contrast the list of questions, deeply analyze the root causes, rectify the problems, throughout the whole process of the visit. At the same time, we should enhance the hematopoietic function, stimulate endogenous motive force, and truly lift the people out of poverty and tackle the key problems.

At present, all departments at all levels in Fuyang City are making every effort to put an end to extensive behaviour and floating style, and earnestly rectify problems, so as to ensure that high-quality wins the battle against poverty.

(The original title is Fuyang: Compressing Responsibility, Strictly Grasping Rectification and Reform to Ensure High-quality Poverty Alleviation)