These investment opportunities are most reliable when the Zhongdao discloses the closing date.

 These investment opportunities are most reliable when the Zhongdao discloses the closing date.

Next week, the mid-term report of listed companies will be closed. According to the schedule of pre-disclosure of regular reports of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, there will be 2015 companies announcing their interim performance next week. 976 companies have already forecast their performance. 197 companies have increased, 153 companies have reduced, 42 companies have continued to make profits, 98 companies have continued to lose, 128 companies have made losses, 66 companies have made losses, 166 companies have increased slightly, 105 companies have decreased slightly and 21 companies are uncertain.

CITIC Guoan sells some shares of Jiangsu Cable, and its subsidiary transfers Tianjin Guoan Leagues Guli shares, resulting in investment returns, making net profit in the first half of the year 110 million to 140 million yuan, an increase of 292.78 times to 372.35 times. Power grid business continues to develop steadily in energy Internet business, and major breakthroughs have been made in gas industry business. New technology expects net profit of 558 million yuan to 560 million yuan in the medium term, an increase of 5.556 billion to 5.58 billion times; the price of some self-produced and self-sold products has risen sharply, with net profit of 237 million yuan to 254 million yuan in the first half, an increase of 41 times to 44 times. In addition, we need to be vigilant against all-round education, Bangxun technology, Jinyu Checheng and other companies whose performance has declined dramatically.

Official Manufacturing PMI in August

On August 31, the official manufacturing PMI and non-manufacturing PMI values were announced in August.

MSCI enters the second stage of expansion

MSCI has just released its quarterly adjustment results for the August index. According to this plan, the index will formally raise the A-share inclusion factor from 10% to 15% after the closing of August 27.

FTSE Russell confirms a three-fold re-expansion of A shares

In the early morning of August 24, Beijing time, Fushi Russell, a well-known index compilation company, announced the quarterly adjustment results of its flagship index in September 2019. The quarterly adjustment has raised the inclusion factor of Chinas A shares from 5% to 15% as scheduled. The announcement showed that its flagship index FTSE Global Stock Index series included 79 new stocks, including 14 new large-cap stocks, 15 medium-cap stocks and 50 small-cap stocks. Some stocks have been adjusted internally due to market value changes. The above changes will take effect before the opening of the market on September 23.

Next week, the central banks open market will have 270 billion yuan of reverse repurchase expiration, no positive repurchase and central ticket expiration; in addition, there will be 80 billion yuan of treasury cash deposit and 149 billion yuan of MLF expiration. Among them, 149 billion yuan of one-year MLF expired on Saturday (August 24), due to the weekend postponed to next Monday.

This week, the open market of the central bank launched a counter-repurchase operation of 270 billion yuan, with 300 billion yuan due for counter-repurchase, so Zhou net recovered 30 billion yuan.

On August 20, Liu Guoqiang, deputy governor of the Central Bank, responded to the State Councils policy briefing: Whether China will lower interest rates or not, saying that in the short term, it mainly depends on reform (improving the formation mechanism of quoted interest rates in the loan market). After the reform, there is room for lowering interest rates and lowering interest rates, but it also depends on economic growth and price situation.

The lifting of the ban next week: a dramatic drop in scale

[New Stock Opportunities

Three new shares will be applied for next week

[Plate gold digging

Monday, August 26, 2019 Sixth Global Internet Economic Conference

GIEC 2019 Sixth Global Internet Economic Conference will be held in Beijing International Conference Center from August 26 to 27, 2019. With the theme of Intelligent Retail Digital Commerce, industry guests will be invited to discuss how to use artificial intelligence and digital business model to promote the intelligentized penetration of various fields of retail industry under the new situation. Strengthen the integration and coordination of upstream and downstream links, software and hardware links in the industrial chain. At the same time, the two-day conference will hold Internet Summit Forum, New Retail Summit, Big Data Summit, AI Summit, Cross-border E-Commerce Summit, Financial Science and Technology Summit, Smart Logistics Summit, Future Health Summit, 5G Mobile Communication Summit, Block Chain Technology Summit, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit, Internet Innovation Award Year. There are many activities such as grand ceremony, exhibition and exhibition.

Impact sector: Internet, new retail, cross-border e-commerce, cloud computing

Influencing stocks: 3600, Yonghui Supermarket, Suning Easy-to-buy, Jiuqi Software

Thursday, 29 August, World Congress on Artificial Intelligence, 2019

The World Artificial Intelligence Congress 2019 will be held in Shanghai from August 29 to 31. The Summit will link East and West to set up the Pudong World Expo venue and the Xuhui West Bank venue in Puxi. It will once again attract the global attention to both sides of the Pujiang River and stimulate the upsurge of the development of the worlds artificial intelligence. With the theme of Infinite possibilities in the world and high-end, internationalization, specialization, marketization and intellectualization, the conference will gather the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of global intelligence, as well as leaders of relevant governments, and focus on technological frontiers, industrial trends and hot issues in the field of intelligence. Performing speeches and conducting high-end dialogues, creating the worlds top intelligent cooperation and exchange platform, becoming a widely recognized professional academic conference in the industry, and creating an industry event with international level and influence.