No corrupt person can cross without revealing the masters behind the fallen cadres

 No corrupt person can cross without revealing the masters behind the fallen cadres

I am Master Jia. My real name is confidential.

Dou Yuming, the former Secretary and director of the Party Committee of the Shandong provincial government office in Beijing, has been double-opened recently. Officials say that he has engaged in superstitious activities to protect officials and promote them, relying on scammers to run away and buy officials and corrupting the political atmosphere.

Let me say, Dou Yuming is not a rare thing. We have seen a lot in the industry.

Its not difficult for us to get started in this field. As long as we know some basic terms and methods of fortune-telling, we can recite Ying Yao Chapter perfectly and cheat ordinary peoples pocket money.

But if you want to go up and get into the upper circle, you still need to add some skills. For example, he is well versed in psychology, marketing and speaking well.

If there are still some special functions, such as Qigong, monkeys and so on, it is not a problem for the political and business elites to flourish.

There are all kinds of connections in the world. Our ability is to combine the pain points of some officials to create some connections that do not exist in reality.

For example, the official movement and the eight-character birthday are linked together, the wealth and office geomancy are linked together. Whether you are highly educated, or have seen the world, status and status, it is possible to lose your judgment in the environment we create.

Because we have seized your human weaknesses, desires, greed, laziness, cowardice, selfishness...

It is exactly what we call: if we repeatedly ask this question, it will certainly be absent; if we frequently ask the reason, there must be a reason.

If someone wants to be a leader, well let him close the door of the government compound and gather together.

When someone is promoted to an official position, we say that he has a very good life, a smooth life and a prosperous official career. We also predict when he will become an official, so that he completely hopes his personal destiny and future in our prediction.

Someone took the money he shouldnt take and was restless and unable to sleep, so we pointed him to change a lucky mobile phone number.

If someone wants to live a happy life and take shelter from disasters, we will let him set up a Buddhist niche and hang a charm in his office. The color and number of fish in the tank should be arranged according to our dial-in layout.

Someone was examined by the organization. We instructed him to return home to worship ancestral graves and repair geomantic treasures.

Someone was dismissed and in a bad mood. We instructed him to rent the house again according to the geomantic omen, put up the household furnishings, and buy 600 yuan live loach for release.

Despite the fact that they talk about their ideals and beliefs on the stage, their spirit is empty and they are not awake. They have no lofty ideals, they think that doctrine is nihilistic, only promotion and wealth can not be disappointed, timely pleasure can not be delayed, dreams all want to make a fortune overnight, straight up to the clouds to grow wings, riding a dragon horse. They have no feelings for the masses, their pattern, only the size of Kaiyuan Tongbaos money eye, what all the people and even the freedom and happiness of all mankind, can not fit in.

Others would rather believe in what they have than what they dont have. This kind of person basically has ghosts in his heart. He doesnt know what illegal things he has done secretly. He uses ghosts and gods as a placebo.

In fact, we are afraid of communists. They believe in Marxism. In the Marxist world outlook, it is believed that material decides consciousness and truth comes from practice. Before they started their career, they would not use bronze mirrors to tell stories. They did not believe that the location of ancestral graves was related to the success or failure of their work. They only believed in their own flesh and blood ties with the masses of the people.

These people are all tested by the wind and waves. How can they be easily accused by us?

Conversely, Party members and cadres who can be controlled by us are all cartilage patients who do not believe in Marxism and lack of mental calcium. Many of those who spend a lot of money here are greedy.

The greedier, the more empty and fearful. The more empty and fearful we are, the less dependent we are. With a few words and hexagrams, we can earn a lot of benefits from them. We can get all kinds of political and economic benefits from their power circle.

Now, Im in prison eating steamed buns. The sandalwood rosary in my hand became a real iron handcuff. I couldnt get myself out of the high wall by drawing so many asylum charms.

We cant cross those corrupt elements. Those who can redeem them are neither ghosts nor gods, nor geomancy, but the people. As a member of the Communist Party, why not strengthen the belief of the Communists and do more for the common people?

Dont believe me. Im a fake master. Im a real cheater.

Source of this article: Changan Street Governor Responsible Editor: Dai Wenjia_NB12498