Telecom Fraud New Route: Its not safe to transfer money into ones own bank card

 Telecom Fraud New Route: Its not safe to transfer money into ones own bank card

Liu Zhiyue, Gao Xinyi, Shenhe, Chen Long/Legal Daily

Legal Daily, August 25, reported that suspected money laundering, online transmission of arrest warrants photos, requests to transfer all money to designated security accounts, and so on, are well-known old ways of telecommunications fraud. However, when the police does not require you to transfer money to a designated security account, but to concentrate all the money on one of their own bank cards, is it safe?

Legal Daily reporters recently learned in an interview that the telecommunications fraud routine has been upgraded - the same as a fake police, but no longer required to transfer to the security account, but let the so-called suspect to their own bank account, which is not commonly used, through Trojan Horse virus in the background to obtain the victims account password. Get money.

People sit at home and cheat.

At about 15 oclock on July 31 this year, Liu Mou, a businessman in Zhongxiang City, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, received a call from an officer Wang, who claimed to be the Economic Crime Department of Jingmen Public Security Bureau. After identifying himself, Police Officer Wang asked Liu whether he had opened an account with a bank in Xian, Shaanxi Province, saying that he was suspected of participating in a case of abduction and trafficking of children and money laundering in Xian, so that Liu could cooperate with the investigation of Xian Public Security Bureau. Officer Wang is about to transfer the call to a self-proclaimed Officer Sun of Xian Public Security Bureau.

After the call, Liu questioned the identity of Police Officer Sun, who asked Liu to add his QQ, and sent photos of police certificates and arrest warrants to Liu through QQ. Seeing the arrest warrant with his ID card number and photos, Liu Mou, who was still skeptical at first, became convinced and began to defend himself vigorously.

Officer Sun also sent Liu a link to the Internet, so that Liu downloaded on his mobile phone, open the page to identify whether there are people in the photos on the page. After Liu Mou operated, he told him that none of the people in the photo of Officer Sun knew him. Officer Sun tells Liu that all the people in these photos are criminals who have been captured. They gave Liu a confession. If you want to get rid of the crime, you must cooperate with the investigation, keep it strictly confidential and let no one know. Liu obediently shut himself in the room, according to the instructions, his ID card and all bank cards were photographed and sent to Officer Sun, informing the amount of money in each bank card, inquiring the details of all bank transactions with his mobile phone and sending screenshots to Officer Sun. Officer Sun who obtained all the information of Lius bank cards said that the Xian Public Security Bureau would freeze all Lius bank cards and ask Liu to transfer all the money in the bank cards.

At this time, Liu again suspected.

You can transfer all your money to a card you dont use very often. We wont freeze your card, but if you want to use it, you must tell the public security organ. Officer Sun said. Hearing this, Liu Mous doubts just appeared were instantly dispelled without trace: money transferred to his bank card, the card in his hands, what else will happen?

The police of Zhongxiang Public Security Bureau pointed out that in this case, the suspect used a new means of fraud. Instead of requiring the victim to transfer the money to a designated safe account, he wanted the victim to concentrate all the money on one of his bank cards to relax the suspicious victim. Alert, according to the requirements of the transfer operation.

400,000 yuan instantaneous evaporation on ones own card

At about 19:00 on July 31, Liu transferred nearly 400,000 yuan of all bank cards to a bank card that he did not use very often. In accordance with the requirements of Officer Sun, Liu also sent the bank balance reminder screenshot to Officer Sun. After seeing the transfer balance, Officer Sun said, wait for the results of the investigation tomorrow and hung up the phone. Liu Mou, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, came back to his mind and was in a state of panic. He told his father what had happened.

When my father heard this, he said he was cheated by a cheater and immediately dialed the alarm phone. After the police knew the situation, they checked the balance of Lius bank card. There were only two yuan left on the card.

Zhongxiang City Public Security Bureau police warned that in this case, the victim Liu Mou ignored an important detail, that is, Police Officer Sun first asked him to provide all bank accounts, and asked him to download a network link on his mobile phone, click on a series of operations. The police said that the Trojan Horse is likely to be implanted in the network link. All the operations of Liu Mous transfer on the mobile phone, including the password of the bank card, are all mastered by the Trojan Horse implanted. They thought it was safe to transfer all the money into one of their bank cards. In fact, the suspect had already mastered the victims. All bank card passwords. When all the money is transferred to the bank card, the suspect carries out the transfer operation at the fastest speed and transfers all the money on the bank card. Introduce the case handling police.

Be aware of being cheated and call the police as soon as possible to stop payment urgently

Soldiers and policemen rushed the victim back to the police station as soon as they left the police station. The police found that 6 transfers totaling more than 200,000 yuan were still being processed. The police quickly carried out a stop operation on the platforms Alipay account and bank card account, and prevented the funds from being transferred or withdrawals in time. At 3 oclock in August 1st, due to the timely suspension of the police, the 6 transfer funds of the victims totaled about 200000 yuan, which had been returned to Alipay account to save some of the economic losses of the victims.

Police in handling cases reminded that with the deepening of cracking down on telecommunication fraud, telecommunication fraud methods are constantly renovating. Individuals of citizens should pay attention to improving their awareness of fraud prevention and enhance their preventive ability. First, for the bank card number, password, identity information, short message notification authentication code and other very important personal information, before not verifying the real identity of others, we must enhance the awareness of prevention, do not easily disclose these information to the other party, in order to avoid causing economic losses. Second, there must be a chord in mind - not easily believe the phone calls from strangers. The police will not record the arrest by telephone, the arrest warrant will be presented by the police at the scene of the arrest, and will not be issued by fax or social software. Public prosecution law organs will not require parties to transfer money by telephone. If the other party says that he is suspected of committing a crime, he should first call 110 for verification or consult his relatives and friends around him.

If the deceived people have transferred their money to a specific account and are quickly transferred by the suspect, how to stop payment as soon as possible and minimize losses?

Reporters from the Legal Daily learned that the national public security organs, relying on the platform for investigating and handling telecommunication fraud cases, can break the hierarchical restrictions and achieve an emergency stop in the shortest time.

Jing Haifeng, a policeman from Mochouhu Police Station of Zhongxiang Public Security Bureau, reminded the masses that they could quickly rely on the public security organs to stop payment after encountering fraud, and five things could be prepared in advance:

One is the identity card of the victim; the other is the account and account bank where the money is transferred; the third is the exact amount and time of the transfer; the fourth is the account number of the fraudster, the account name of the fraudster and the account bank where the account is opened. These information bank counters and bank customer service can help to inquire; the fifth is their remittance vouchers or electronic vouchers. Screenshots, this information is the most important, victims can go to the bank counter for printing.

Source: Liable Editor of Legal Daily: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279