New Recruitment for Fighting Telecom Cyber Crime in Fujian: No New Internet Access for up to 5 Years

 New Recruitment for Fighting Telecom Cyber Crime in Fujian: No New Internet Access for up to 5 Years

BEIJING, Aug. 23, China New Network Client (Reporter Wu Tao) recently noticed that in order to crack down on telecommunication network crimes, some places have put forward new tactics. Seriously, it is impossible to handle new business of telecommunication products entering the network within five years.

This management method comes from the Fujian Provincial Communications Administration and the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department jointly promulgated Fujian Provincial Telecommunications Network User Management Opinions on New Illegal and Criminal Bad Credit Communication Network (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as Opinions).

The Opinion clearly states that the users of the new illegal and criminal bad credit communication network in telecommunication network refer to those who use information transmission media such as telephone, short message and Internet to commit crimes such as fraud, obstruction of credit card management, infringement of personal information of citizens, money laundering and so on.

The sources of bad credit users are suspected criminals, registrants of communication tools and registrants of suspected criminal communication tools notified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security.

The Opinion decides to implement hierarchical and dynamic management of user limitation cycles for such bad credit communication networks, and to adopt three-level management according to the case involved, with the limitation cycles of 5, 2 and 1 years respectively.

During the limited period, the above-mentioned users can not handle the new entry business of communication products. They can only keep a mobile phone or fixed phone number, and can not re-process the number after cancellation.

In addition, Opinions shows that bad credit record banks are regularly compiled and sent to enterprises every week to restrict and remove bad credit telephone users in time.

Source: ChinaNet Responsible Editor: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279