Men with bad wives have bad brains!

 Men with bad wives have bad brains!

Friend Qiang Tzu, is a good brother of morality. In his words:

Rivers and lakes are more righteous than heaven.

Hadrons wife Zhang Lan has suffered a lot following Hadron. Zhang Lan is a famous beauty in the village. Before she got married, her family threshold was broken by her relatives.

However, the beautys ancient vision is rather special, and she takes a fancy to Hadron.

Zhang Lan, newly married, has changed from a weak woman with ten fingers not touching the sun and spring water to a woman who does all kinds of washing and cooking.

As a matter of fact, should not all beautiful wives like Zhang Lan be spoiled? In the eyes of Hangzi, women are like clothes and brothers are like brothers and feet. He chose to ignore Zhang Lans efforts.

As time went on, Zhang Lans heart became cold, her proud face turned dark yellow and colorless, her delicate and tender hands became rough and rough, which had the look of the year.

Every time the couple made a little money, they were taken by Hangzi to pay off their debts to the good brothers. The remaining savings were also lent to his so-called good brother.

Everyone else has borrowed or repaid, but its okay to borrow or not here in Hangzi. Everyone is a brother, and we must help when we meet problems.

Until one time, the strong children had a serious illness, which required a lot of surgical costs. How could a strong son who had not accumulated in these years spend so much money in a moment? So he thought of his brother.

When he was confident enough to call his brother to borrow money, the brothers who fought righteousness on weekdays were either inconvenient in capital turnover or without money. In the end, no one could lend money to Qiangzi.

Finally, I borrowed money from Zhang Lanniangs family to save my daughters life! Since then, Qiangzi no longer contacted those brothers, but Zhang Lan, who was cold-hearted, also divorced from Qiangzi.

After all, Jiangshan is easy to change, and Zhang Lan has also seen the unintentional hadron in recent years.


My neighbor, Uncle Da, is a well-known person in every neighborhood.

He is always quiet and courteous outside. Never compete with others, always smiling.

I sighed, Uncle Da is really a rare honest man.

My mother disdained to say:

Thats when you didnt see him shouting at your aunt at home. How loud was his voice!

I was surprised to hear that my mother and Aunt Da usually walked very close to each other and knew the inside story that some outsiders did not understand.

It turned out that Dashu, who was kind and polite outside and smiled at everyone, had a different face in his own home and in front of his wife.

When there is more salt in stir-fried vegetables, we should roar, when there is less salt, we should scold, and we should shout when we are slightly unsatisfactory.

When Aunt Da buys a new dress, Uncle Da has to put on a long face.

He just wanted me to wear old clothes and busy growing vegetables and feeding pigs. He was happy.

How can she be convinced that such a good man has completely changed at home?

In this way, Aunt Da stiffened herself out of mental illness.

I have to stay in hospital several times a year. The cost of hospitalization and medicine is painful to my uncle.

Uncle Da may not have no feelings for Aunt Da.

But he still cant understand why his good daughter-in-law is psychotic, only when she is affected and has many things to do.

Da Shu is also the recognized honest man in the neighborhood.

There is no more than an uncle in a group of men who have fallen into disrepute outside.

How can a woman with a heart full of misery be more than an aunt?

My aunt divorced my uncle a few days ago. The reason for divorce was nothing more than family trifles.

Aunt endured his uncle for more than ten years, and finally she could not help it any more.

My uncle is honest and honest, but too filial. To what extent?

Generally, the mother-in-law is in conflict with her daughter-in-law. My uncle never considers her from her aunts point of view. Every time something happens at home, he does not care about the situation in his own family at all. He has to help the fatter with his face.

According to my uncle, I am the elder of my family. I must have an obligation to think about this.

On one occasion, my uncles cousin wanted to marry his daughter-in-law, but the money for marriage was not enough. He sought his uncles relief. Without saying a word, he gave him the money to buy a house.

Its a house for children to go to school. Uncles behavior is like being caught up in his own family.

My aunt wanted to get the money back. My uncle, who could not afford to lose face, lost his hand in the quarrel and beat her aunt. She thought her aunt was the eldest in the family. My brother needed help and could not stand by.

The image of Uncle among relatives has become sentimental and meaningful, but in the hearts of aunt and cousin, the image has fallen dramatically.

For women, it is also a kind of harm to ignore the man of small family.


Li Xiaolai, a billionaire and well-known investor, once talked publicly about his criteria for making friends: I never play with people who are bad for my wife.

Because if a person is not good to the people closest to him, then he is hypocritical even if he is good to you.

What is a good man?

Men, who are good to their wives and take good care of their own small homes, should be the basis and premise for all other good things.

Wife is the only person in the world who has nothing to do with you but spends all his life with you and gives everything for you.

When you are old and cant move in bed. Who can cover your quilt and pour a cup of tea?

Its not someone else. Its your wife.

Parents will grow old, friends will separate, and children will get married.

Why dont you treat her badly?

Even the most self-centered Westerners have this proverb:

Happy wife, happylife.

With all due respect, men who are not good for their wives are mentally ill.

Author: Yang Yang Mama, Source: Mother Vipb55, millions of mothers are reading public numbers to teach you how to raise children and grow up with you. They know their families and themselves better here. The book is authorized to be published on Monday.