Do you know? These three things, smart women will never throw away

 Do you know? These three things, smart women will never throw away

No matter how old a woman is, what she cant lose is that she studies, earns money and becomes beautiful.


After listening to too much chicken soup, what kind of reading can change peoples destiny. What, the book has its own gold house, the book has its own Yan Ruyu and so on. For the time being, the books I read havent turned into a big house and become more temperamental. But I think learning is really a long-term project for people. Even if you graduate from college and go out of society, your study will not stop. The more you learn, the more confident you can be.

What to learn? In addition to accessible knowledge, there is also indispensable common sense in life. These are not necessarily clear in books. But you can learn by yourself (reading books) and by watching others do what they do, so you can learn by yourself. All in all, these are the best ways to improve your ability to live. Even if it doesnt work for a while, its your wealth thats in the bag.

Earning moneyu2014u2014

I often say that a womans wealth equals her strength. Is it a special market? Well, I cant stop eating human fireworks. So, any food, clothing, shelter, transportation, any firewood, rice, oil and salt - isnt that all money? Even if your parents are rich, you dont have to work too hard. But what you earn and spend is right. Making money is not necessarily instinctive. But earning money can certainly improve your quality of life.

But too many women may give themselves reasons: I am busy taking care of my family, which chance to make money? In fact, money is earned by oneself, which has a full sense of steadfastness. Dont worry. If someone else doesnt give it to you, youll be poor. Dont worry about it. One day you will have nothing for your marriage. Make money, this can prove the meaning of existence. You get your own reward through your own efforts.

Change Beautyu2014u2014

What were you afraid of when you were young? Every day, noodles with clear soup are also full of collagen. Across the screen, you can feel the youthful vigor coming on your face. So vibrant, like the sun at eight or nine oclock. But what about growing with age? Are you going to be as old as she likes, and you dont want to do anything about it? Dirty is dirty. Youre a yellow-faced woman anyway. In addition to cooking, is busy doing housework?


Therefore, learning, earning money and becoming beautiful are womens lifelong career. Never throw it away. When you really lose it, how precious is it? (Wen/Piaoyutong) Its too late, too late. Lets start now and pick them up again! _____________ Just dont give yourself the chance to regret. Come on.