Chen Qingling: Wei Wuqians first half of life and the second half of Yilings ancestors life

 Chen Qingling: Wei Wuqians first half of life and the second half of Yilings ancestors life


In Wei Wuenvys first half of life, it was a bitter and bitter history of blood and tears. Its a poor child. Even if Tibetan dispersed people married Jiangs servants, they would not live in the streets and grab food from evil dogs. Others told about Wei Wuenvy his parentsexperience. Fortunately, Jiang Fengmian found him and brought him back to Jiangjia. Theres no way to treat him like a son. Who let Jiang Cheng, really no Wei Wu envy excellence.

But everything is too good, too good to be true. Before falling off the cliff overnight, unfortunate things happened one after another. Wei Wuyan lost Jindan and almost became an invalid. He became the ancestor of Yiling, but he was not fit for the world. Master and Madame took the first step. His brother-in-law, Jin Zixuan and Shijie Jiang were more or less tired of him and died. Really, whats the hope of living? In order to protect Lan Zhan, Wei Wuenvy chose to fall off a cliff with a loose hand.


Wei Wuenvy at that time, really cant help it. Moreover, all memories are related to grief. Fortunately, Mo Xuanyu gave his life to Wei Wuenvy. But did you find out? Even though Wei Wuenvys force value showed a cliff-like plunge, from beginning to end, it was either protected by Wenning little angel or by blue and blue small stereotypes. Even when he sees a dog in the street, he will hear it if he shouts Blue Zhan.

At this time, Wei Wuenvy is himself and no longer the ancestor of Yiling. In addition, all the younger generations of Xiuxian circle powder. All the wrongs and sorrows of the first half of life come to be gently awaited by time and caressed by years. Wei Wuenvy received the greatest goodwill in the world, even if he did not hear the cry of uncle from Jinling. But we have already reconciled. That is to say, there is no need to stick to form.


Dont believe it? Theres a final act to illustrate the problem. Lan Zhan assumes the responsibility of the immortal governor. After all, the family is in a mess. No one can stand up to it. Ability hides selfishness, and inability to treat him as a vain match. Therefore, it is impossible for Lan Zhan to accompany Wei Wuenvy every day. Their common pledge is I wish I could weed and support the weak all my life, worthy of my heart. First, I will complete the big one, and then I will complete the small one.

Even if Wei Wuenvy himself to run out for a drink and a ride to the horizon, that is to say, to stroll. How far and how fast can the apple go? Moreover, whether Wei Wuenvy or the ancestors of Yiling have a hard wound - that is, no money. Poor, its hard to walk at an inch. No one, like Lan Zhan, would pick up Wei Wuenvys wallet anytime and anywhere. Just lets go and blow Forget Envy and run back to the clouds where we dont know.

Anyway, HE will do. The process, walk slowly, appreciate slowly...