Chen Qingling: Wei Wuxian, I hope you are still a teenager when you leave half your life and come back.

 Chen Qingling: Wei Wuxian, I hope you are still a teenager when you leave half your life and come back.


It is not only intentional, but also inadvertent. The purpose of Wei Wuenvy is to deliberately annoy Lan Zhan. But I didnt think of it, because this and Lan Zhan have a deep feeling of mountains and rivers. If there is no later common search for Yintie encounter, these two people will also be Gods friends and confidants. Among the descendants of the family, Wei Wuenvy was the only one who lived happily in Lans family. The laughter in the eyes cant hide.

This is also the heartache of the ancestors of Yiling who later saw Wei Wuenvy. Without comparison, there would be no harm. Wei Wuyan, who climbed out of the mass grave, was completely judged by two people. Every day, we must contain the most evil side of our mind. Every old friend I met couldnt put on any guard. Lost Jindan, all rely on sophistication. Even Jiang Cheng could not understand it because it was not tolerated by the whole world of Xiuxian. Fortunately, there are also teachers and sisters.

That, I think Aqian is the best teacher and sister of the best children in the world. In order to save Wei Wuenvy and die, this is the person he most cares about. He chose to fall off a cliff and was rescued by Lan Zhan. Enough, enough. There is no greater sorrow than death, and there is no regret at this moment. Jiang Cheng rushed forward without giving him a fatal blow. As Jin Guangyao saw Zewujun put down his palm, Wei Wuenvy felt the last warmth of the world.

It was at that moment that Wei Wuenvy shook hands and made peace with the world. Even with too much hatred, waking up after sixteen years is like having a dream. In the thirteenth year of Lan Zhans inquiry into Ling, the purpose of every disorder must come out is to find Wei Wuqian everywhere. There are people like this who can treat themselves like this - Wei Wuenvy is better, will play the role of pet pet and pet vividly and vividly. Anyway, Lan Zhan doesnt mind. He can be himself in front of him.

Sixteen years, not long, not short. Become the most distinctive demarcation line, bring that bright young man back to Lan Zhan. Even though his family had misunderstood him and wronged him in many ways. But when its time to do it, its never sloppy. Is it worth it? Yes. Thats the promise of a teenager: he can weed out the strong and support the weak all his life, and he deserves it. Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. Wei Wu-envy is worthy of Wei Wu-envy.

Half a lifetime away, return is still a teenager. (Wen/Piaoyutong) The most important thing is that there are blue Zhan around me when I come back. Thats good...