Son of Tomorrow Final: Zhang Yuqicheng is the strongest brand, why is it really worthy?

 Son of Tomorrow Final: Zhang Yuqicheng is the strongest brand, why is it really worthy?


The first accident was Zhang Das wrestling. Fortunately, it was just an awkward moment. Zhang Das business ability is strong, almost immediately restored to state. Just the shoes. Go back and throw them away the first time. This is also a little spice for the closing night of Son of Tomorrow. Next, it is the key moment for the enlargement. Whose house the flowers fall, come and compete immediately.

I think the exposure of rocket girls in Son of Tomorrow is really too high. Yes, they are successful models. From the variety show out of the artists, can have such a development or good. Plus, Yang Chaos amusing comment: Long Zong (Longdani) pinched the fashion piece to death, big back, pants, plasticity is very strong - its impossible to take you.


Of course, the three-hour race is perfect. Meng Meiqi + BY2s Theres a Seed is full of firepower and powerful aura. Maybe other songs are not accurate enough, BY2 regrets to be out. It is a pity that Feng Xiyao was eliminated in the first time because of the popularity problem. But you have to see who are the top three players. Youll know that its excellent to be in fourth place, okay?

The shooting ability of live broadcasting is amazing, BY2 is still in the second place at noon. By night, it had been overtaken by Hong Yinuo. Some people say that Hong Yinuo made a mistake in choosing Su Yunyings Life Reflection in the crucial last round. Originally, they are not good at high-pitched sound, which is equivalent to self-defeating by accident. Others are out of order. Is Zhang Yuqi the only one who can play steadily? Necessary.


Zhang Yuqis strength lies in her promotion. Where there is any luck, is the result of their own efforts. In previous issues, Hong Yinuo was a bit of an outstanding figure. However, the more later Zhang Yuqi became a champion. Especially on the closing night. Singing I care about you with the same stage, really hey turn the whole show. You know, thats Huachenyu. Zhang Yuqi is not inferior.

Before the announcement of the top three rankings, the program group awarded the Best Golden Melody Award for The Son of Tomorrow. Combined with the major data, Zhang Yuqi succeeded with Outside. This song, let Zhang Yuqi circle countless powder. This award also paves the way for Zhang Yuqi to become the strongest brand in the future. Will the finals of Son of Tomorrow be a farewell performance by Zhang Yuqi? Go abroad to school or stay at home for development?

No matter what Zhang Yuqi chooses, (Wen/Piaoyutong) she becomes the strongest brand of Son of Tomorrow - absolutely deserves it!