Ke Zhendong wishes Xiao Yaxuan: What is the best relationship with his predecessor after breaking up?

 Ke Zhendong wishes Xiao Yaxuan: What is the best relationship with his predecessor after breaking up?


I simply think that Ke Zhendong is speaking for Xiao Yaxuan. After all, love between siblings is so common nowadays. Its just that Xiao Yaxuans boyfriend is almost the same boy. This Huang Hao is 16 years younger than Xiao Yaxuan. Thus, people are more relentless in saying things. As a former boyfriend, Ke Zhendong wishes his old love nothing wrong. Its just to subvert peoples habitual consciousness.


I often hear a sentence, goodbye is also a friend. Estimate, say so, the song is so singing. How many people can really do that? No true love, after breaking up, you go to your Yangguan Road, I go to my single wooden bridge. True love, now can not be together - hearts are broken. I dont know how long it will take to get out of this lovelorn affair. But the psychological shadow still comes and goes without calling.

Goodbye is also a friend, very nice to hear. But thats not necessarily the way people treat their predecessors and their old loves. Either self-deception or deception is not advisable. At this time, Ke Zhendong wished Xiao Yaxuan that the heat was not entirely wronged. Needless to say, they are all stars. Even ordinary people, after breaking up, are trying to avoid the same frame. Meet, it is full of embarrassment.


What is the best relationship with your predecessor after you break up? If you have to meet again, nod and smile. As long as the breakup did not make people angry, at least they can leave each other the final dignity. The picture is really ugly. Thats not the case. Are you acting for others? Or is it hard to let go? The earth is round. Learn to be calm when you meet it.

So, when you break up, you should not be friends? It involves emotions, and the fact is that there are many emotions - do you control yourself and the other person? Get it under control, with you, with other people related to each other? This adventure is not worth it. Its not necessary to be a friend, just a familiar stranger. (Wen/Piaoyutong) A simple girlfriend and boy will not exist, and you have a complicated past.

There are so many people in the world. Why do you have to find your predecessor as a friend? You say, dont you?