The Great Opening of the Wonderful Event of Shendu Night Travel Record

 The Great Opening of the Wonderful Event of Shendu Night Travel Record

But Ah Zhi is not ready to disclose all the ghost stories. She held interesting activities. The demon descendents participated in the activities. After clearing the corresponding copy of a ghost, she increased its divination value. At 12 oclock every night, the ghost with the lowest divination value will be eliminated and the story will be revealed.

Demons can also predict the highest divination value of demons at all stages. Participation in the prediction will get basic rewards, and success in the prediction will double the rewards! If you want to adjust your forecast, you can also make a change after the results are published every day.

In addition to accumulating divination value for the corresponding demons, the demon master can also obtain three kinds of materials, namely tortoise shell, yarn and spider silk gossip. The materials can be used to exchange gold gift boxes, limited activity rubbings and chaotic Hongyuan prizes in the weaving shop. If the demon landing masters carry the designated activities called soul pool rubbing, they can also increase the number of materials dropped, and get rewards faster!

A weave set up a number of tasks, demon-descending masters can receive valuable props reward including 2 ghosts and 13 jade walls after they have reached the required number of customs clearance copies or completed a certain number of activity scenarios. The final scenario of the activity can also get 2 additional inspiration charms. In addition, during the activity, a total of 5 days, you can receive inviting rewards such as Call Charm, Jade Wall, Splendid Silk and Silk!

Popularity demon, time-limited assembly and return

Waiting for Ah Zhi to reveal the secrets of the ghost at the same time, Weave the Star Dream of Sansheng? The Six Events Call Pools will be opened in turn, and Ah Ti, Si Yi and other ghosts are waiting for your call!

Neteases new concept ghost masterpiece Shendu Night Travel Record weaves the star dream three lives? Re-engraving Lightweight Edition is officially launched, the past of the ghosts, rich activities rewards, strong popularity ghosts join hands to invite you to participate! Immediately login to the game to learn more about the activities!

The beauty of national rhyme belongs to the flourishing Tang Dynasty. Netease new concept ghost hand tour Shendu Night Travel Record is a collection of national wind ghosts RPG hand tour! In the game, you can encounter thousands of demons and experience the beautiful plot of demons! Tang Dynasty, national rhyme aesthetics, let you experience the spirit of Shendu! Every day when the monster is in disorder, it is the time when the demon master appears. Lets go into the world of the national wind monster together!

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