China-Pakistan Air Force holds joint training in China without targeting third parties

 China-Pakistan Air Force holds joint training in China without targeting third parties

The joint training of China-Pakistan Air Force is an annual routine training, not aimed at third parties. China Air Force dispatched fighter-10C, fighter-16, fighter-7A and early warning aircraft, as well as ground-to-air missiles, radar, airborne, communications and other ground units to participate in training; Pakistan Air Force dispatched multiple aircraft such as dragon, phantom and early warning aircraft to participate in training; China Navy Air Force also dispatched aircraft to participate in joint training between China and Pakistan Air Force.

The eighth joint training of the Chinese and Pakistani air forces has adopted the whole process of back-to-back system confrontation, highlighting the research on operational command, system operations, key and difficult issues, with more troops and more elements. The aim is to enhance the actual combat training level of the two air forces and the ability of the air system to win through mutual learning and mutual learning.

China and Pakistan are linked by mountains and rivers. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1951, they have developed into all-weather friendly neighbors. There is a profound traditional friendship between the two peoples. The air forces of China and Pakistan have always maintained friendly and cooperative relations. In recent years, they have carried out a series of practical exchanges and cooperation. The air forces of the two countries launched the first series of Eagle joint training in March 2011. So far, they have organized eight times. The Eagle brand has become a brand of Air Force Combat training, effectively deepening the cooperation and exchanges between the two air forces.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Lin Chiheng_NY9285