Israels Missile Attacks on the Surrounding Areas of Syrias Capital

 Israels Missile Attacks on the Surrounding Areas of Syrias Capital

Syrian state television quoted the Syrian military statement as saying that the Syrian air defense system detected several Israeli missiles from the Golan Heights to the surrounding area of Damascus at 2330 hours local time, intercepted them and destroyed most of the incoming missiles before they hit the target.

According to the Syrian news agency, the attack lasted until about 23:50, and Syrian air defense systems intercepted most of the missiles in the southern region.

The Israeli military issued a statement on the night of 24, saying that air strikes were carried out by warplanes against multiple targets in southeastern Damascus. The statement said that the Iraqi Revolutionary Guards Al-Quds Brigade and other Shiite militants in Syria tried to use drones to attack Israeli targets, and the Israeli armys actions blocked its plans.

Israel has long acknowledged Irans expansion in the Middle East, saying it cannot tolerate Iran turning Syria into a frontier position against Israel, and has repeatedly attacked targets in Syria on the grounds of striking Iranian military installations. Syria and Iran deny that Iran is stationed in Syria. (Participating reporters: Lu Yingxu and Shang Hao)

Source: Xinhua responsible editor: Lin Zhiheng_NY9285