Rushford also suffered racial discrimination when he lost a penalty: You dirty nigger!

 Rushford also suffered racial discrimination when he lost a penalty: You dirty nigger!

Manchester United recently hit the penalty bar. In the second round of the league, Manchester United played Wolves away. Bogba grabbed the penalty, but he dropped it. Yesterdays home game against Crystal Palace, Manchester United received a penalty for the third consecutive round, Bogba wit away, Rushford came to penalty. Rushford scored a penalty against Chelsea in the first round. However, he failed to hit again today, and his penalty hit the post and bounced out.

In the history of the Premier League, Crystal Palace has never beaten Manchester United before, and they have finally rewritten their history, which is unacceptable to some Manchester United fans. After the game, some radical fans racially discriminated against Rushford: Rushford, you rubbish nigger. Roll the eggs class, XXs nigger. Rushford, you dirty nigger.

This week, Bogba also suffered from cyber violence. At that time, Rushford volunteered to speak to his teammates: Enough, these must be stopped, and Twitter management should take measures to do so. Manchester United is a big family and Bogba is an important part of our family. Youre attacking Manchester United. In addition, Manchester United officials also issued a statement on this, saying that they would resolutely resist cyber violence.

Today, Solskjaer again pleaded with the outside world to stop racial discrimination: This must be prohibited. I have nothing to say. We have been campaigning against racial discrimination, but some people always hide behind false identities.

When it comes to the playersmisfortune of losing penalties in succession, Soxhlet said: In two matches, two penalties were lost, which is part of the game. Sometimes it happens. I also missed penalties. If we scored these two penalties, the story would be different. These are just part of the game and we believe we can score penalties again.

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