Rare! Soxhlet angrily criticized the referee after the match: less penalties to Manchester United in the absence of form

 Rare! Soxhlet angrily criticized the referee after the match: less penalties to Manchester United in the absence of form

In the history of the Premier League, Crystal Palace has never won Manchester United before. The two teams have played 23 times in the past, and Crystal Palace has never tasted victory. Yesterday, Hodgsons team finally changed its history. With two raids, Crystal Palace beat Manchester United 2-1 and won the first Premier League victory against Manchester United. In addition, it was their first victory at Old Trafford since 1989. Throughout the game, Crystal Palace had only 29% ball control, and the number of shots was 5-22 far behind.

Soxhlet was helpless: We controlled the game, but we didnt get three points. I think we played well in the second half, but we couldnt get more goals. Over the past three rounds, Manchester United have taken penalties, but they have missed two of them. Soxhlet believes Manchester United deserve more penalties: Marshall was knocked down by Cahill when he turned to break through, the referee did not say; Rushford was pulled down by the guard when he accelerated in the penalty area, the referee did not say; Daniel James fell in the penalty area, but the referee blew James a false fall...

I think Marshalls goal was a clear penalty. If the referee looked back at the game, he would certainly give a better blow. If it hadnt been for a 200-pound guard to pull him (Cahill: When did I get so fat), he would not have slipped. In my opinion, VAR is indulging the referee to blow penalties with subjective consciousness. There is no doubt that Marshalls penalty is a penalty. In addition, when Rushford fell to the ground, the opposing guard pulled. And Daniel James, the other sides guard, must have contacted him. According to Solskjaer, United should get three more penalties.

I dont think todays referee is at his best. Whats more surprising is that VAR didnt correct his wrong decision. Marshalls goal was an excellent chance to score. Soxhlet said.

He emphasized: Daniel now has two yellow cards on his back. His luck is so bad that neither of them should be awarded. Hes not the kind of player who can fall. Its normal for a player to fall easily if he touches a little while while running.

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