This generation of friends is distressing: both hands are fractured and unable to answer the phone.

 This generation of friends is distressing: both hands are fractured and unable to answer the phone.

At noon on August 22, Ren Xiaobo, a police officer in Lucheng, Wenzhou, drew the attention of his colleagues in a micro-letter, which was then forwarded by his colleaguesscreenshots and blown up the circle of Wechat friends with another painful photo of falling down.

Ren Xiaobo wrote in his circle of friends that both hands were fractured and could not answer the phone or leave a message on behalf of colleagues. That morning, Wenzhou Lucheng police went to Jiyuan, Henan Province to arrest a group of telecommunications fraud criminal gangs. Ren Xiaobo, deputy director of Hongdian Police Station of Lucheng Public Security Bureau, refused to arrest a suspected man as a member of the special task force. In the process of arrest, Ren Xiaobo broke his hands and finally the man was subdued by joint efforts. On the same day, the police arrested 126 suspects of telecommunications fraud.

Network Collection of Electric Fraud Cases

On July 17, Mr. Li, a man working as a waiter, alerted the police that he had been subjected to network fraud. According to Mr. Li recalled that in May this year, he met a female netizen through QQ, chatting speculatively, and then the other side asked him for money on the grounds of buying clothes and paying rent. Mr. Li transferred 1,600 yuan to the other party three times by Wechat, and then the other party asked him for money for other reasons. He felt cheated.

After receiving the police, the police immediately launched case collusion. After preliminary investigation, there are many related cases in Wenzhou. Subsequently, the Lucheng police, led by the criminal investigation department, mobilized the police force of the synthetic combat center and several police stations to set up special task teams to attack the key issues, and gradually grasped the foothold of these telecommunication fraud gangs - located in Jiyuan, Henan Province.

In late August, the Task Force organized a unified networking campaign. On August 20, Ren Xiaobo, who had just finished his overnight duty, rushed to Henan with his colleagues. That afternoon, Ren Xiaobo and his colleagues took a flight to Zhengzhou. After arriving in Zhengzhou, he went to his destination by bus without stopping. It was about 9:30 p.m. when he arrived in Jiyuan.

The next morning, the task force met in the hotel before receiving the net, and divided the work of more than 20 Suspectssettlements. Ren Xiaobo led the team in charge of checking and arresting one of the settlements. In the afternoon and evening of the same day, Ren Xiaobo and his colleagues visited a residential district on Zhouyuan Street to confirm the suspects specific destination.

Meet the suspect halfway

After preliminary contacts, the action of networking was strongly supported by Jiyuan police. At 6:00 a.m. on August 22, the special task force gathered together and then went to various sub-bureaus under the jurisdiction of Jiyuan Public Security Bureau according to the pre-grouping, with additional police support from the sub-bureaus. At 7 oclock, each arresting group squatted at the landing site and waited for a unified command to collect the net.

About half an hour later, the command of the special task force ordered Ren Xiaobo and his colleagues to immediately go to the suspects foothold for search, and arrested a suspect woman Wang Mou at the scene. Just as the police were gathering the fixed evidence on the spot, a man called Wang Mou, and then sent a text message to let Wang Mou hurry to the nearby Jiheyuan Community Meeting.

After the polices policy offensive, the woman told the other side is another partner, Wang Mou expressed his willingness to cooperate with the work of the police. To avoid suspicion from outsiders, Ren Xiaobo arranged for himself and his colleagues to follow Wang not far behind, waiting for the opportunity to act.

At about 9 a.m., when Wang Mou came to Heyuan Street outside Jiheyuan District, he met a man who came in front of him. Ren Xiaobo instantly realized that the other party might be a suspect, so he quickly came forward to control the man and asked Wang Mou, Is it him? Wang Mou nodded.

The man noticed the abnormality and tried to break away from Ren Xiaobos control and ran away. Ren Xiaobo and his colleagues immediately chased him up. In the course of the chase, the man fiercely resisted. After running more than 20 meters, Ren Xiaobo fell to the ground in the confrontation with his opponent. The man ran a short distance and was later captured by the rest.

Hand fracture hospitalization

I went to help him, and he told me not to move first. My hand might have broken, said Xu Shijin, an assistant policeman who was arrested on the spot with Ren Xiaobo. Then I took a picture and sent it to the working group there, and it spread.

Later, with the help of colleagues, Ren Xiaobo went to the local hospital for diagnosis and treatment. According to the preliminary diagnosis of the hospital, Ren Xiaobos right elbow joint fracture was accompanied by dislocation, and his left metacarpal bone was suspected to be fractured, which needed further examination.

Knowing that Ren Xiaobo was injured, colleagues called Ren Xiaobo one after another, but his hands were broken and he could not answer the phone. So Xu Shijin helped him to send a dynamic message in the circle of friends: both hands were fractured and could not answer the phone or leave a message on behalf of colleagues.

After the message was sent out, colleagues left messages in Ren Xiaobos circle of friends, expressing their concern. In just one hour, there were more than 150 messages, and no one praised them. Subsequently, the screenshot of Ren Xiaobos circle of friends, together with the painful photograph that fell to the ground, blew up the circle of Wechat friends. After Wenzhou Anti-Fraud Centers tremolo announcement, a large number of netizens left messages in praise: Peoples good police, early recovery, Respect for the peoples good police, hard work...

Restricted by local medical conditions, Ren Xiaobo returned to Wenzhou on the evening of August 22 and was hospitalized for treatment. Lucheng Public Security Bureau contacted the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University to open a green channel for Ren Xiaobos treatment. After CT and X-ray examination, Ren Xiaobo had multiple fractures of the right radius capitulum and ulna coronoid process. The left metacarpal bone needed further diagnosis by doctors.

At present, Ren Xiaobo is being treated in the hospital. The investigators of the telecommunications fraud gang who were arrested are being interrogated and will be escorted back in the near future.

Source: Zhejiang News Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675