Jiuding New Material Qilian Board has increased by 300percent in the past month and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has implemented key monitoring

 Jiuding New Material Qilian Board has increased by 300percent in the past month and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has implemented key monitoring

Shortly after the opening of the market on August 23, Jiuding New Materials touched the price limit again. This is the seventh consecutive rise and fall of Jiuding New Materials, and the fifteenth rise and fall since nearly 27 trading days.

During this period, the stock price of Jiuding New Materials rose from 668 yuan/share in July 17 to 2690 yuan/share in August 23. While the increase reached 303%, the total market value of the company also soared from 2.22 billion yuan to 8.94 billion yuan.

The rise of Jiuding New Materials is related to the fact that its actual controller will be changed to Wang Wenyin, known as the King of the World Copper. The reporter of China Times called Jiuding New Material Securities Department as an investor. Relevant staff members said that, except for the existing announcement, there are no other things that should be disclosed but not disclosed.

On the evening of August 23, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a regulatory dynamic that this week focused on monitoring the abnormal fluctuations of Jiuding new materials in the market, and took timely regulatory measures.

King of Copper of the World

On the evening of July 17, Jiuding New Materials announced that Gu Qingbo, the companys actual controller, was planning to transfer some shares to Shenzhen Zhengwei (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengwei Group) or its designated third party, possibly involving the change of control rights of the company.

On the evening of August 4, Jiuding New Material issued a Suggestive Notice on the Change of the Actual Controller and the Controlling Shareholder of the Company. It said that the relevant agreements on equity transfer had been signed. The controlling shareholder of the company would be changed to the third party named by Zhengwei Group, Xian Zhengwei New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengwei of Xian), For Wang Wenyin.

If all goes well, Jiuding New Materials will become the first listed company under the leadership of Wang Wenyin. Although as early as the end of 2017, as a strategic investor, Zhengwei of Xian had transferred 10.23% of Jiuding New Materials shares at a price of 10 yuan per share, costing 340 million yuan. A month later, Wang Wenyin was elected chairman of Jiuding New Material. But at that time, Gu Qingbo was still the actual controller of Jiuding New Materials.

Until the signing of the Framework Agreement on Share Transfer in August 2019, the agreement shows that Xian Zhengwei will transfer the 19.55% of the total share capital held by Gu Qingbo at a total transaction price of 1.153 billion yuan to become the new controlling shareholder of Jiuding New Materials.

According to the equity agreement, the acquisition price of Zhengwei in Xian is about 17.74 yuan per share. Before the announcement of the first change of control rights, the closing price of Jiuding New Materials on July 17 was only 6.68 yuan per share.

Jiuding New Materials performance forecast for the first half of 2019 shows that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of the year is estimated to be 3.633 million-5.190 million yuan, down 0-30% from the same period last year.

Who is frying Jiuding new material?

Since the evening announcement of July 17, Jiuding New Materials has started a strong upward trend, with five consecutive trading days trading up and down, and then continued to rise after a short adjustment. After August 5, it experienced a slight backwardness, and by August 23, it had won seven connecting boards.

According to the Longhu List data, the second business department of Lhasa East Ring Road and the second business department of Tuanjie Road of Tibet Oriental Wealth Securities have been the two most active business departments in buying Jiuding New Material Stock in the past month, with 16 and 11 purchases respectively. The total purchases amounted to 195 million yuan and 121 million yuan. As of August 23, net purchases were still maintained. The amount is 27 million yuan and 11 million yuan.

Guotai Junan Securities Guangzhou Dongfeng Middle Road Business Department followed with a total purchase of 104 million yuan, with a net turnover of 5.7 million yuan. Pacific Securities Xuchang Jianan Avenue Business Department and Fuzhou Wuyizhong Road Business Department of Credit Securities are one of the sales departments with more sales, with net sales of 44 million yuan and 38 million yuan respectively.

In addition, Huatai Securities Shenzhen Yitian Road Rongchao Business Center Business Department, Huaxin Securities Shenzhen Yitian Road Business Department and Hangzhou Feiyunjiang Securities Business Department, and other well-known hot money figures, also appeared on Jiuding New Material Dragon and Tiger List many times.

It reminds me of Eastern Communications last year. A senior investor told the China Times in an interview, But every demon stock needs to come out of time, place and people, Jiuding new material can go what it looks like, and wait and see.