The Amazon Rainforest Fire Smoke More than 100 meters Six States asked the military to help put out the fire

 The Amazon Rainforest Fire Smoke More than 100 meters Six States asked the military to help put out the fire

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Smoke from the Amazon Rainforest Fire in Brazil exceeded 100 meters (Source:)

At present, the fire situation in Brazils rainforest is very serious, 23, Brazilian President Bossonalo said in a televised speech that Brazil will send federal troops and military equipment to the Amazon states from 24 to help fight the fire. At present, six states in Brazils Amazon region have sent requests to the military, hoping that the Federal Army will assist local fire extinguishers in carrying out fire fighting work.

On the 24th local time, according to AFP quoted official data from the Brazilian government, hundreds of new fire spots were added to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. On the same day, Raul Botellou, Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Joint Staff, said that the Brazilian military currently deployed about 44,000 soldiers in the northern Amazon region to assist in fire fighting. At the same time, the Brazilian military is preparing to draw soldiers from other areas to participate in the fire fighting.

The fire continued over 800,000 hectares

In Brazils neighbouring Bolivia, the rainforest fires in the eastern region continue to spread without signs of abating, while the recent strong winds and high temperatures have exacerbated the already grim situation. At present, the fire area has exceeded 800,000 hectares.

Local media released an aerial photograph of the fire site Tuesday, showing that the fire raged in many places in the Amazon rainforest, with a large amount of smoke gathering in the air, reaching a height of more than 100 meters.

At present, local firefighters, volunteers and military personnel work together to extinguish fires at temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, a Boeing 747 fire extinguishing aircraft, which had previously arrived in Bolivias worst-hit areas, has also flown over the fire site with a large amount of water and flame retardants to support local fire fighting. It is understood that the fire in Santa Cruz was the worst hit, many local residents engaged in agricultural and animal husbandry activities, the continuing spread of the fire has a serious impact on local residents.

Bolivias Santa Cruz province, which borders Brazil and Paraguay, has been burning a number of forest fires in the Amazon region for several days. The Bolivian side has urged Brazil and Paraguay to take joint measures to prevent further spread of the fires along the border of the three countries. At present, the cause of the forest fire in Bolivia is still under investigation. According to the Bolivian Meteorological Department forecast, local time 25 evening, the fire area may usher in rain.

Source: CCTV News Responsible Editor: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675