Serie A-Riberys debut with 2 shots from Inconel and 2 passes to Napoli 4-3 Violet Lily

 Serie A-Riberys debut with 2 shots from Inconel and 2 passes to Napoli 4-3 Violet Lily

In the 9th minute, Chillinsky handball in the restricted area, the referee gave a penalty after watching VAR, Pulga scored in the lower left corner of the goal with a low shot, and Fiorentina led 1-0. Thirty-eight minutes due to Sines left lateral transmission, the top of the Murtens forbidden area arc burst out of the world wave. The Belgian had a wonderful curling ball in his right foot, which hung straight at the top right corner of the goal and Napoli equalized 1-1.

Napoli took the lead in the 43rd minute with a penalty kick. Castrovelli, who had fallen, stumbled over Mertens by stretching his legs, and Insine shot at the lower right corner of the goal. Napoli ended the first half with a 2-1 lead.

In the first half of the second half, the two sides scored four frantically. Fiorentina equalised 2-2 in 52 minutes when Milenkovic nodded a header in front of Porgas right corner pass. In 56 minutes, Insine scored the ball in the middle, and the right side of the Calejon restricted area scored with a low shot from the far corner. Naples led 3-2.

In 65 minutes, Boatengs forbidden area was broken by a low shot from the far corner of his right foot at the top of the arc. The second half of last season in Barcelona did not receive any grains of water goods, returned to Serie A after the first round of the goal, Florence will chase the score to 3-3. In 67 minutes, Karlehon crossed from the right baseline and headed home from the middle of Insines restricted area. Napoli set the score at 4-3.

In the 78th minute, Ribery came on as a substitute to make his Serie A debut. In the 92nd minute, Ribery broke out from the pinch of two players near the left restricted area line. Chissai was suspected of pulling down Ribery, but the referee refused to award a penalty. Fiorentina finally lost 3-4 regrettably.

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