Guoyu sounds the Olympic alarm! Its hard for men and women alone to win gold.

 Guoyu sounds the Olympic alarm! Its hard for men and women alone to win gold.

Badminton gold medals rarely sound the Olympic alarm

The Basel World Championship in Switzerland has entered its final stage. In a semi-final of womens singles held yesterday afternoon, with Chen Yufei, the only seedling, defeating Indian player Sindu 0-2 and being blocked from the final, Chinas womens singles have failed to win the gold medal in six consecutive World championships. Compared with womens singles, Guoyu mens singles performed more dimly in this World Championship. One day ago, the only Olympic champion to reach the top eight in mens singles, Jianlong, lost 2-0 to Danish player Anthony. For the third time in the history of Chinese mens singles, he was isolated from the top four and could not win a medal. This World Championship is the last major international badminton event before next years Tokyo Olympic Games. The results and achievements basically reflect the strength contrast between athletes and the current pattern of badminton. It can be said that in the Tokyo Olympic Games next year, as far as the two singles events are concerned, it will be difficult for the Chinese team to win gold.

Womens singles

Six consecutive unsuccessful World Championships

Lets review the history of Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao, the top two womens singles players in China, in this World Championship. After entering the top eight, He Bingjiao met the Japanese teams Ahara hope, the result was 0-2 defeat, and the first score was poor 7-21. Chen Yufei narrowly defeated Mia of Denmark 2-1 and became the only Chinese woman singles player to reach the top four.

However, in previous competitions, Han Yue and Cai Yanyan, the other two womens singles players in Guoyu, had already been eliminated. Chen Yufei shouldered the responsibility of winning the gold medal for the womens singles. However, she was completely curbed by her opponents in the semi-final match with Sindu, and quickly defeated each other in 40 minutes.

Nevertheless, this is Chen Yufeis first time in the world championship to reach the top four and win a medal according to the rules of the International Badminton Federation. For Chen Yufei, entering the top four in this competition is a progress in her career, but for Chinese women feathers with glorious history, it is a major setback.

Chinese womens feathers have failed to win gold medals for six consecutive World Championships, which is the performance of no successors and no outstanding talent emerged for a long time. More worrying is that in recent international competitions and domestic competitions such as the Badminton Super League, there are no more women than Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao or more potential players, which is the biggest problem of Chinese women feathers. That is to say, in a short time, Chinese women feathers can not return to the peak of the world badminton.

Mens singles

The prospect of relying on veterans is not optimistic

In the mens singles competition of this World Championship, Guoyu almost lost his elite in the first two rounds. Rookie Huang Yuxiang was out in the first round, while Lu Guangzu and 36-year-old Olympic champion Lin Dan only reached the second round, ending their journey in Basel. The 30-year-old Jianlong insisted on entering the top eight, but lost to Danish veteran Anthony, who had won more or lost less in the past. For the first time in 24 years, the national badminton mens singles have been unable to win a medal and are in an embarrassing situation. This can be said to be the current situation of the competitive strength and level of the Chinese badminton team.

At present, the mens singles of Guoyu still rely on veterans to win the world. Lindan and Jiaolong are still fighting for the qualification of Tokyo Olympic Games. They are even the most likely athletes to represent China in the Olympic Games except Shi Yuqi. But if, according to their present state, they often play a round tour in various kinds of open competitions and Grand Prix competitions, and each of them will be one year older next year, fans can not be optimistic about the Olympic prospects of the national badminton mens singles.

Today, the only thing that can make fans full of hope is 23-year-old Shi Yuqi, Chinas No. 1 man. The fans hope that he will recover soon and lead the Chinese mens singles out of the trough as early as possible.

Generally speaking, the overall situation of mens singles is basically similar to that of womens singles, that is, there are no successors. It is difficult to find good seedlings in the domestic arena. In the Olympic Games and other competitions a few years ago, young players overdraw their old base early and grow slowly. It is not a matter of overnight for excellent Chinese mens singles players to grow up.


The Olympic Games need to be based on Competition

The performance and present situation of Guoyu in doubles is better than that of singles. One pair of womens doubles players has entered the top four, and there is still hope of winning gold in both mens doubles and mixed doubles. Since this World Championship is the last major international badminton event before next years Tokyo Olympic Games, athletes from all countries are basically fighting with all their strength in all events. The results and achievements basically reflect the strength contrast between athletes and the current badminton pattern. That is to say, at next years Tokyo Olympic Games, in terms of two singles events, in addition to Guoyu Mens Singles, there is a variable Shi Yuqi (absent from the current World Championship due to injury), the rest of the players have shown their bottom cards.

Although the Sudiman Cup ended three months ago, Guoyus strong championship once gave people some hope, but the Sudiman Cup is a team event, the overall strength of the Chinese team is undoubtedly still one of the strongest teams in the world, but scattered over the five individual events established by the Olympic Games, China team in addition to mixed doubles, in the remaining 4. There are no absolute dominant players and combinations, let alone group advantages.

On the contrary, Chinas main opponent, Japan, has entered the semi-finals in all five events of the Basel World Championship, and even has a group advantage in individual events. Both mens and womens singles have world-class athletes. Most importantly, Japan is the host of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and it also occupies the advantages of time, geography, people and so on.

It can be seen from this that when Tokyo Olympic Games came, Guoyu had a good grasp of the gold medal in mixed doubles, and the rest of the events could only be achieved if they were based on competition.

Wen/our reporter Liu Ailin

Source: Cao Lie-e_NS1806, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily