Guoyu Female Singles No longer Have Group Advantage Coach Xia Xueze: Lack of Talented Personnel

 Guoyu Female Singles No longer Have Group Advantage Coach Xia Xueze: Lack of Talented Personnel

DATA FIGURE: Chinese team player Chen Yufei is in the competition. China News Agency reporter Yu Jing-yu

BEIJING, Aug. 24, CNN Client (Wang Yu) Guoyu womens singles as long as 8 years of World Championship shortage continues. Chen Yufei, the only girl in the womens singles semi-finals of the 2019 badminton world championship, lost 2-0 to Hindu, a famous Indian player, and finished with a bronze medal every other year.

In the past two Olympic cycles, the performance of the national badminton womens singles, which once had group advantages, has declined significantly. Of the five individual events, only the womens singles failed to get full qualifications in the first time. As defending champion Malin retired from the competition due to injury, young general Cai Yanyan was able to fill in at the last minute.

Thanks to the convenience of signing the form, the four women of Guoyu will not join the fierce fight in the first round of womens singles. When the third round of the competition ended, only Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao broke through the tight encirclement and successfully entered the top eight, which basically met the pre-competition expectations.

He Bingjiao finally stopped in the top eight of the world championship (data map: 2018 China Badminton Open, He Bingjiao entered the top four of the womens singles. Photographed by China News Agency reporter Wang Dongming)

At the same time, top seed Sakaguchi, South Korean star Chengchi Hyuns premature exit, as well as the National Feather Womens Single bitter master Dai Ziying stop 1/4 finals... Chen Yufei and He Bingjiaos rivals on their way to promotion have broken down one after another, so that the outside world can see the hope of Guoyu regaining the championship of womens singles in the World Championship.

However, the ensuing two crisp defeats shattered the fire of hope that had just been ignited. The embarrassing record of the womens singles in the world championships continues - since 2013, the team has been unable to win six consecutive World championships. In the 12 years before, the Chinese team has never let the gold medal go by.

Chen Yufei, who shouted the goal of guaranteeing the top four and hitting the gold medal before the competition, was out of the competition only one step away from breaking through his personal best result, which is undoubtedly more regrettable. Three matches did not play to the best level, and once again she won a bronze medal in the World Championship, she also admitted that in fact, we can do better.

DATA FIGURE: Chen Yufei is in the competition. Photographer Wang Dongming, China News Agency

This is the third time that 21-year-old Chen Yufei has participated in the World Championship. As a newly-promoted first sister of the national feather womens singles, she has won four tournament Championships this season and is also regarded as a leader in leading the team towards revival. But the strong sniping by Hindu, a famous Indian, has once again stranded Chen Yufeis goal of hitting his first single world champion.

Similar to the crux exposed by Guoyu Mens Single Front, the team has been unable to form a strong double insurance in the womens singles arena. When Chen Yufei started to pick up Daliangs top tournament several times and became the Minister of brachial stocks for Guoyu to regain the Soviet Cup, He Bingjiao, who was once highly expected, stepped on her feet, and the day of breakthrough was far away.

In the past two Olympic cycles, Guoyu womens singles have a number of top players such as Wang Yihan, Wang Shixian and Li Xueli. However, with Li Xueli injured and other players retired, Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao and other newcomers were quickly pushed to the front desk. However, they are still a little short of the top rivalry strength, which also makes Guoyu lose its former dominance.

During Li Xuelis wound-healing period, there was no doubt that there was no connection between the blue and the yellow of the female singles of Guoyu. Data map: In the 2018 Uber Cup, the Chinese womens team was defeated by Thailand to stop in the top four. The picture shows Li Xueli in the competition. Photo Source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency)

World ranking is undoubtedly the most intuitive manifestation. In December 2012, Li Xueli first appeared in the womens list and held it firmly for 125 weeks until she was surpassed by Indian famous general Neval in 2015. But nobody expected that the journey of Guoyu womens single return to the first place would be so arduous and long that it would be difficult to regain it for four years.

In the previous two World Championships, Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao both entered the top four, but Guoyu Cenozoic power is always separated from the highest podium by a layer of window paper. Now Chen Yufei, who holds four tournament champions, has stopped here for the second time. It is said that every year there is hope, but it is difficult to break through.

Todays world womens singles show the trend of Japans Aoyuan Hope and Yamaguchi, Chinas Taipei Dai Ziying, Thailands Indano, Indias Neville and Sindu and Spains Malin. Vertical comparison shows that the womens singles of national feather still have the strength to impact the highest podium by ranking in the top four in three consecutive World championships.

Yamaguchi currently ranks first in the world womens singles. Data Picture: In the 2019 badminton Asian Championship, Yamaguchi won the womens singles championship over He Bingjiao. China News Agency reporter Zhang Changshou)

This is precious for the team that has just experienced the alternation of old and new. But now less than a year away from the Tokyo Olympics, the difficulties are obvious. Xia Xueze, head coach of Chinese badminton team singles, said bluntly: In the current situation of the lack of female singles talents, it is still a key point to improve their abilities.

Chinese badminton has also experienced Phoenix Nirvana. Although it is still a long way to get back to its peak, only by remembering and digesting the bitterness of todays failure can we lay the foundation for the next top. Although youth cannot be the reason for failure, experience and strength can be compensated by time. (end)

Source: Cao Lie-e_NS1806, Responsible Editor of CNN