The Hong Kong government responded to the demonstratorschainsaw demolition of the wisdom lamp post: strongly condemned and rigorously pursued

 The Hong Kong government responded to the demonstratorschainsaw demolition of the wisdom lamp post: strongly condemned and rigorously pursued

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Lack of morals! Radical demonstrators in Hong Kong destroyed lamp posts with electric saws (Source:)

According to the press release on the HKSAR Government website, a spokesman for the HKSAR Government responded to the demonstrations in Kowloon District on 24 August.

The spokesman said that although the police had issued a notice of no objection to the demonstration held in East Kowloon after consultation with the organizers, the demonstrators deviated from the original route during the demonstration and set up roadblocks on many roads from East Kowloon to Deepwater, causing serious traffic congestion and affecting emergency services. In the meantime, violent demonstrators destroyed public property, set fire, threw suspected petrol bombs and attacked police officers with bricks, which seriously threatened the personal safety of citizens and police officers.

The spokesman said that the demonstrators deliberately destroyed several wisdom lamp posts. The HKSAR government has clarified many times that smart light pillars do not involve face recognition, nor infringe on personal privacy. They are only used to collect urban data such as traffic and air quality, and promote the development of smart cities through open data and 5G arrival. However, the demonstrators ignored the facts and destroyed many smart light pillars wantonly. Wont listen to reason.

The HKSAR Government strongly condemns the destruction and violence of the demonstrators, and the police will strictly investigate all violations. The HKSAR government calls on demonstrators to stop violence and let society return to order as soon as possible.

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