2,000 Poverty-alleviating chickens issued by the government to poor households free of charge, but their destiny is unknown.

 2,000 Poverty-alleviating chickens issued by the government to poor households free of charge, but their destiny is unknown.

In November last year, a clue about the problem of infringing the interests of the masses in the field of poverty alleviation was transferred from the Sixth Inspection Group of the Central Committee, which attracted the attention of the Disciplinary Commission of Urumqi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The clue reflected that the animal husbandry and veterinary station in Urumqi County distributed 3300 local chickens to poor farmers free of charge, with only 1300 registered. Another 2,000 are unknown.

Urumqi Discipline Commission immediately decided to set up a special team to verify the clues of the problem. Through visits, the team learned that in 2016, Urumqi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station applied for a special poverty alleviation fund of 100,000 yuan on the grounds of promoting local chicken farming and increasing the income of poor farmers and herdsmen. Sang Mou, the stations stationmaster, spent 66,000 yuan on purchasing 3,300 local chickens from a livestock and poultry farming company. The other 34,000 yuan was spent in the name of subsidizing the farming company for purchasing chicken feed, training fees and transportation fees.

Unexpectedly, the cost of cultivating local chickens was so high that the breeding companies lost money. In order to compensate for their losses, I handed over 2,000 of them to the breeding companies for profit. Speaking of the whereabouts of the other 2,000 local chickens, Sangmou argued.

Since the purchase is adult reproductive chickens, why pay for the loss incurred by breeding companies because of the high cost of cultivation? The special group believes that the financial accounts of the county animal husbandry and veterinary station are unclear, the flow of funds is unclear, and there is a suspicion of drawing poverty alleviation funds.

In order to prevent the destruction of key evidence, the team immediately sealed up the relevant financial accounts of the county animal husbandry and veterinary station and conducted an investigation. It was found that in 2015, the station had applied for 100,000 yuan for the promotion fund of raising Luhua chickens. Sangmou purchased 2,100 Luhua chickens with 525,000 yuan and distributed them to farmers free of charge. Moreover, the Poverty Alleviation Chicken purchased in these two times came from the same company.

No, Ive never raised chickens for sheep and no one ever gave them to me for free. There is no such person in our village as you said. The team then visited the farmers who signed the 2100 Luhua chickens and found that the farmers on the list either did not find the person or said they had never received the free Luhua chickens.

After verifying the fact that the special funds were falsely reported and falsely collected, the team found that among the falsely signed personnel there were relatives of Ma Mou, the financial staff of the station, and decided to talk to them: What is the real problem of the Luhua Chicken Promotion Project in 2015? I hope you can tell the truth.

It was Mr. Sang who arranged me to do this. She asked me to falsely invoice, falsely report items, fabricate training, and draw poverty alleviation funds in the form ofmore money and less money. In front of the evidence, Ma explained to the task force that Han Mou, the owner of Sangmu Collaborative Breeding Company, set up a special fund of 525,000 yuan in 2015 to deposit in the units private small treasury, and in 2016 Sangmu instructed him to set up a special fund of 34,000 yuan to deposit in the units private small Treasury in the name of purchasing chicken feed, breeding training fee and transportation fee. And the fact that a large amount of money in the small Treasury was used for personal consumption by Sangmou.

Having obtained the conclusive evidence, after submitting for approval, Sangmou et al. took detention measures. In the face of the facts, Sang and others truthfully explained to the task force the facts of their violations of discipline and law. Originally, in 2016, Sang Mou and Han Mou obtained 100,000 yuan of poverty alleviation and development funds through fabricating false projects, and spent 66,000 yuan on purchasing local chickens of Han Mou Company in the name of falsely reporting. But in fact, Sang Mou got 36,000 yuan and Han Mou got 30,000 yuan. The 1300 registered local chickens mentioned in the report were all fake.

In February this year, Sang Mou was dismissed from the Party and public office. The suspected crimes between Sang Mou and Han Mou were handled by the judicial organs according to law. The illegal gains from violations of discipline have been recovered. At the same time, other persons involved in the case have been handled in accordance with the rules and regulations.

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