832 days later, Ronaldo made his debut on behalf of Real Madrid. Bernau applauded him twice

 832 days later, Ronaldo made his debut on behalf of Real Madrid. Bernau applauded him twice

Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2014, and has become the main player of the team since then, and has been loved by many Real Madrid fans. However, Jro spent two seasons on loan at Bayern Munich in the summer of 2017 and returned to Real Madrid after his loan expired this summer. Jros last official match for Real Madrid was on May 21, 2017, when he came on as a substitute in the 66th minute of Real Madrids 2-0 away victory over Malagas La Liga.

In the 2016-17 season, although Real Madrid reached the Champions League final and finally won the championship, but on June 3, 2017, in the Champions League final, J Ronaldo did not even enter the list of 18 players, which also became one of the reasons why J Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid that summer. When he returned to Real Madrid this summer, Ronaldo was once listed for sale, but with his good training attitude and performance, he regained the trust of coach Zidane and got the first chance.

J Luo has many bright spots in this match. In the 20th minute, Real Madrid kicked a left tactical corner, Cross crossed the left, J Luo shot slightly off the goalpost at the top of the arc of the restricted area. In the 27th minute, J Luo kicked a free kick and shot high. In the 34th minute, Cross and Marcelo crossed the left side, and J Rogo jumped high in the penalty area and headed the goal. Unfortunately, the ball missed the post again. In the 37th minute, the ball was passed across the front of Benzemas forbidden area, and J-Luo was inserted into the ball to shoot long distance. The ball was again off the far post.

After 832 days, Jro returned to Real Madrid. He was very active from the beginning of the game and proved his ability is still excellent, Marca said. Zidane said after the game, Jro was replaced because he was not feeling well and I didnt want to take any chances. Im happy with his performance today. Maybe in the future J-Ronaldo will have more playing time and continue to contribute to Real Madrid.

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