Arsenals 80 million men are so eye-catching: 1 V1 overtakes Van Dyke! But kick and lose super single knife

 Arsenals 80 million men are so eye-catching: 1 V1 overtakes Van Dyke! But kick and lose super single knife

Thirty minutes before the game, Pepe passed the ball only three times, but there were two successful passes, one of which missed Van Dyke. It was a remarkable achievement. The Liverpool centre-back was last crossed by his opponent in the Premier League, or was crossed by Merino when Liverpool played Newcastle in March 2018. Fifty games. Despite the seemingly impossible task of Van Dyke, few people have succeeded in the Premier League in recent years. Merinos previous one was Lakazette in 2017.

Pepes third pass in the game was even worse. Hendersons mistake in clearing the ball was snatched by him in the 34th minute, and then Pepe drove straight into the middle with his own dribble, passing Robertson through with a wonderful stroke. But in the end, Pepes starting shot was a bit reckless, no fake action was directly pushed at the top of the arc, and was easily saved by goalkeeper Adrian, squandering Arsenals best scoring opportunity of the game.

If Arsenal can take the lead at this point, the whole game will be completely different. Unfortunately, as in the opening stage, the outside hanging door of Obamayan is out, Arsenal are always a little short of the goal. There is a price to be paid for squandering opportunities. Five minutes before the end of the half-match, Matip used corner kicks to break the door, and the game was completely reversed to Liverpool. Emery said after the match: The best chance in the first half was our chance, Pepes chance. The key to the game was the second miss. It was a very soft penalty. I dont think it was enough to give a penalty.

In the first half Pepe scored four shots, scored two straight shots, and made five sprints and 18. All four figures ranked first. Apart from him, only Obamayan contributed a sling shot to the Arsenal team. Pepe is the most active Front-court player in the team, demonstrating his ability to match his high stature. Unfortunately, he failed to score the most important single-knife goal. Of course, if we look at the whole game, there is still a clear gap between Arsenal and the Champions League champions, Pepe is not as mature as Salah, all of us need growth and progress to narrow the gap with their opponents.

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