Suicide Send-off Point for New Arsenal Leader! The Cruel Scene: Passed by Salah

 Suicide Send-off Point for New Arsenal Leader! The Cruel Scene: Passed by Salah

If Louis had only indirect responsibility for the first goal, Salah quickly scored two goals in 10 minutes in the second half and was humiliated by his opponents. In the 48th minute, Sarah, who was about to stop in the penalty area to get a one-knife chance, was clearly dressed in Rafaels jersey, which could be seen by almost everyone at Anfield. The referee had no reason not to award a penalty. Salah scored a penalty kick and the 2-0 score almost determined the outcome of the strong-strong dialogue. The BBC Footbook McNulty said: Louis is too reckless, thats why hes a burden on the team.

Louiss tragedy is not over yet. In the 59th minute, Salahs right side of the midfield accelerated to break through the outside line. Louis could not keep up with the speed and was passed directly by the Egyptians step by step. For fear of his own foul, Louis raised his hands over his head to show that he did not violate the opponents action, which is tantamount to surrender, watching Salah break through into the penalty area to score his second goal. Some fans said: Emery felt that buying Lewis could solve the defensive problem, and then he was exploded twice in 10 minutes.

Salah is a red star in the Premier League. He is probably worth no less than 200 million. Louis has passed the peak of his career. He is 32 years old. He has not had the amazing speed and explosive power of that year. It is not surprising that he cant resist Salah. But Salahs two goals were too easy to get rid of the new centre-half whom the Gunners had high hopes for, which is still a question worthy of reflection. Louis twice tried to steal the ball on the court, were taken away by the opponent, 24 minutes and 57 minutes, passed by the people are Salah, can be regarded as a loss of face.

In several defences that failed, Lewis exposed his old problems, easily lost his defensive position, too much action was easy to get rid of, defensive fouls impetuous, especially in the penalty area easy to eat cards and miss penalties. Squawka scored the focus game after the game. Salah scored 9 points, while Louis scored only 3 points. They were the two teams with the greatest contrast.

It is because of these shortcomings that Lewis has lost the confidence of his manager at Chelsea, so Lampard confirmed this summer that he would not be the main centre-half candidate. The Brazilian did not force him to stay after he submitted his transfer application, allowing Arsenal to introduce a new centre-half at a low price. But its hard to say whether Lewis will be the next Mustafi to make countless defensive mistakes. After all, they have many weaknesses that are very similar. Some fans were angry and said, Lewis is one of the best defenders in the Premier League? Hes not even Arsenals best defender.Others said:Maybe without Louis, Arsenal with 10 players will play better.Others said,Lampard will smile when he sees Louiss mistakes.

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