15-3! Anfields record of 12 consecutive wins and draws in Arsenals Hell Terror

 15-3! Anfields record of 12 consecutive wins and draws in Arsenals Hell Terror

Throughout the game, the two sides played very openly. Arsenal also brought a lot of trouble to Liverpools defence in the opening stages of the game with two big attackers, Pepe and Obamay Yang, but the game turned after Matips opening header record. As the score lagged behind, Arsenal also opened up a let go mode, so that Salah, Fermino and Manuel in front of a large open space, Liverpool can easily pass the ball to the front of the Trident foot with two or three feet, the rest of the matter naturally becomes simple.

It is worth mentioning that Salah is Liverpools greatest success, in the field, Salah Mei scored twice. Of course, Arsenal seems to be one of Salahs favorite teams. According to the technical statistics after the game, Salah has scored 5 goals and 2 assists in the past six games against the Gunners. In the first four home games against Arsenal, Salah scored goals. From this point of view, Salah also counted. Its an absolute Arsenal nemesis.

Having won Arsenal, Liverpool have won three Premier League games in the new season, topping the Premier League table with nine points. In the meantime, Liverpool also won 12 consecutive league wins in a cross-season after beating Arsenal, which equalled the teams record (Liverpool won 12 consecutive wins in the 1990 top flight). In addition, the match extended Liverpools unbeaten record at Anfield to 42 games (32 wins and 10 draws). From this series of data, it is not difficult to see that Liverpool, under the leadership of Klop, has started their own take-off mode at this stage.

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