La Liga-Benzema World Poyovic Medium Real Madrid 1-1 Baladolid

 La Liga-Benzema World Poyovic Medium Real Madrid 1-1 Baladolid

In the 30th minute, Ramos kicked the ball in his lap after taking the ball in the penalty area, but Unar was ruled offside first. In the 33rd minute, San Emmetio stepped on Iskos foot and was warned yellow by the referee. In the 34th minute, Benzema crossed from the left and J Ronaldo headed in the penalty area. In the 36th minute, the front of Benzemas forbidden area hit the ball back, and the J-Luo long-range shot was inserted to miss it. In the 38th minute, Benzema shot from a small angle on the left side of the restricted area. Massip blocked the ball from the bottom line with his foot. In the 39th minute, Kawahar passed the ball and Bells shot was taken by the goalkeeper. In the 43rd minute, Casemiro fired a long shot to fly. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid temporarily drew 0-0 at home to Baradolli.

In the 68th minute, Bell crossed from the left and Jovich, who had just come on as a substitute, hit the crossbar with a header. In the 73rd minute, Cross was booked for a foul. In the seventy-fifth minute, a shot from outside the restricted area of Rubio was thrown out by Kurtouva. On the 76th minute, Benzema was injured and fell to the ground. He was treated by the team doctor and resumed the match. In the 79th minute, Martinez Nacho crossed from the left, but Sergi, who had fallen to grab the spot in the penalty area, failed to play well.

The 82nd minute, Varane passes the ball, Benzema stops the ball on the restricted area line and then turns around to shoot, Real Madrid 1-0!

In the 88th minute, Cross midfielder was broken, Plano passed the ball, Sergi got a single-knife chance on the left side of the penalty area, scored against Kurtouva, and Baradellide equalized 1-1! In the third minute, Casemiro was booked for a tackle foul in the back. At the end of the game, Real Madrid drew 1-1 at home to Baradollid.

Real Madrid lineup 433:13-Kurtouva/2-Cavahar, 5-Varane, 4-Ramos, 12-Marcelo/16-Jro (56Venetius), 14-Casemiro, 8-Cross/11-Bell, 9-Benzema (90Basques), 22-Isko (67Yovic)

Baladolids line-up is 442:1-Massip/17-Moyano (59Rubio), 4-Kiko, 27-Salisu, 22-Martinez-Najo/2-Polo (80Antonito), 16-San-Emmetio (84Tuhami), 21-Michel, 10-Prano/9-Ural and 7-Sergi.

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