Bundesliga-Levin Hat + Free kick Cutinio debut Bayern Munich 3-0 Schalke

 Bundesliga-Levin Hat + Free kick Cutinio debut Bayern Munich 3-0 Schalke

In the 17th minute, Jimmys right corner ball entered the restricted area, Levan jumped high in the middle, headed the ball, and Nuber flew to block it out. In the 20th minute, Korman broke into the penalty area and caused Kennys foul. Bayern Munich got a penalty. Levin took the penalty. He calmly deceived Nobel and steadily put the ball into the lower left corner of the goal with his right foot. 0-1!

In the 29th minute, cold arrows were sprayed on the right foot outside the Maskale forbidden area, and the arrows were deflected from the right post. In the 31st minute, Jimmys left corner was passed into the restricted area, and Millers small right foot shot was kicked on the side net.

The 42nd minute, Harriet forbidden area outside the right foot long-range shot, Noyle steadily got. In the 43rd minute, Levan passed obliquely in the middle, Komana passed precisely in front of the restricted area behind the ball, Toliso turned and volleyed, the ball slightly off the right post. At the end of half-time, Bayern took a 1-0 lead away from home.

In the 63rd minute, Shalks right corner ball passed into the restricted area, Nastasic headed the ball, slightly higher than the crossbeam. In the 74th minute, Noel threw the ball in the Bogustale penalty area.

In the 75th minute, Korman crossed the right road, Levan crossed Sane leisurely in the middle, pushed his right foot at the far corner to break the door, 0-3! ________. On the 78th minute, the left foot shot a little higher than the crossbeam. During the filling period, Tolisos right foot shot was blocked from the Alaba forbidden area by the middle pass. Then, Alabas left foot was knocked crosswise, and Tolisos far angle was shot outside the forbidden area, slightly higher than the crossbeam. In the end, Bayern beat Schalke 3-0 away.

Two teams in the lineup:

Schalke 04 (4-2-3-1): 35-Nobel/20-Kenny, 17-Steinbury, 5-Nastasic, 24-Ozipka/2-McKenny, 6-Maskale (5926-Sane)/18-Cali Jury, 25-Harriet, 9-Raman/19-Bugstaller

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): 1-Noir/5-Pavar, 4-Jule, 21-Lucas (778-Harvey-Martinez), 27-Alaba/32-Kimishi, 24-Toliso/22-Gnabri (5710-Cutinio), 25-Thomas-Muller (5714-Perisic), 29-Koman/9-Levandovsky

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